Tips on How to Grow Weed Fast

Meta Description:Marijuana growers just can’t wait to harvest their buds. But there are ways to make this possible. Read on to find out more.

DNA-60daywonderThere is a certain time at which a marijuana plant can be fully grown and produce buds. It varies from one strain of marijuana seed to the other. Some growers would prefer having marijuana seeds that can be easily grown and maintained. The speed of the marijuana plant growth varies. So if you want to know how to grow weed fast, you need to know the basics and the factors affecting the growth of marijuana.

Factors affecting the growth of marijuana plant

  • Marijuana strain – the marijuana strain can be a big factor in terms of the growing time. Each strain could have certain desired growing conditions that they want to grow into. Also, each strain has a certain growth time that they grow.
  • The desired yield that you want to have during harvest – your desired yield of marijuana buds can also affect the speed of the growth of marijuana plant. if you want more buds, then it may take longer to grow more number of buds compared to growing just a small number of buds.
  • Growing method – the growing method of growing your marijuana plant is also a factor. For instance, the limit of how much nutrients is supplied to the plant. Or the kind of growing environment that you put your marijuana plants into. These can affect the speed of the growth of your marijuana plants.

With these factors, you can picture out what can be modified in order to hasten the growing process of your marijuana plants.

Tips on how to grow marijuana fast

  1. Use hydroponics instead of soil. Using hydroponic methods are more effective compared to other methods such as those using soil. You can speed up your marijuana plant growth by using Deep Water Culture, coco coir or anything that does not involve any soil. This can potentially cut-off some time in your vegetative stage.
  2. Choose a fast finish strain of marijuana. The flowering stage of a marijuana plant growth cycle varies with strain. So this is the part that could be quite hard to modify. You can modify the light schedules that can lower the amount of light that your plant can have each day during the flowering stage. This can, at times, hasten the growing process of your marijuana plant. For instance, you can have a 10 – 14 hours schedule. This stands for 10 hours light, 14 hours dark every day. This can get your marijuana plants to be ready for harvest after a week or two sooner.
  3. Make the flowering stage come sooner.As what was mentioned in the previous number, the flowering stage is strain sensitive. But the vegetative stage can be altered. This still comes down to altering the amount of light that your plant is supplied with every day.

These steps can help you with how to grow weed fast. It might be a risk to do such but if you are really eager to have those buds ready as soon as possible, then you can do these steps.