Top 5 Low Odor Marijuana Strains

Some people just can’t get their nose off of other people’s business. This dilemma also happens to a lot of marijuana growers. It is a fact that marijuana strains give off different kinds of scents. Although some odors can be easily controlled, there are other marijuana varieties that come off really pungent. This can be a major headache to a marijuana grower especially if cannabis growing is a no-no to the area he lives in.


Luckily for us, there are existing marijuana strains with very low odor. These strains are best for stealth growing – indoor and outdoor. If you are currently in this distressing situation, help yourself with the strains below.

Stealthy Marijuana Strains – Top 5 Low Odor Marijuana Strains

  1. Northern Light

This strain has been dubbed, “The Best Indoor Seed Ever Created. Northern Light is perfect for both novices and lazy growers. She is easy to grow, and she is also the first hybrid strain specifically created for indoor growing. Although this baby is a master of stealth, Northern Light can give you a powerful punch and a heavenly flavor.

  1. NL#5 X Haze

This Sativa-dominant strain is the perfect combination of Haze and Northern Lights from the popular Sensi Seeds breeders. NL#5 X Haze is a favorite among many marijuana enthusiasts because of its high yields and out of this world flavor. More to that, this strain gives off nothing.

  1. Durban Poison

This name speaks for itself – she is clearly intoxicating. This pure inbred strain from South Africa is mainly Sativa. She has enormous amounts of THC and the smell – barely there.

  1. Chronic

This strain is award-winning, which means she deserves a place in your heart. Chronic bagged 3rd place in the 1994 Cannabis Cup because of its powerful THC, high yields, and strong kick. These features however will never out you – her scent is barely noticed.

  1. Grapefruit

Although this sweet tasting strain is still not stabilized, many growers love her because she is a modern sativa – she matures early, flowers fasts, and offers you a load of yields. Grapefruit can give you a very strong high; but her scent is so sweet it can be easily mistaken for something else.

These strains range from low odor to nothing at all. Although your main goal is to conceal the smell, you shouldn’t focus on that alone. Also make sure that your marijuana plant has everything a plant needs to be healthy.

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