Top Cheap Weed Seeds

high-potencyMarijuana seeds comes in different prices. Their quality are most likely associated with the price tag. This is true for many items that are sold in stores. But is this really the case? You can actually buy cheap weed seeds but the quality is the same as that of the expensive types of marijuana seeds. Why spend so much if you can get the best out of your seeds in an affordable price. You need not do this if you just know how to choose and where to find high-quality seeds at the most affordable price. Here is the list of some of the top marijuana seeds at the highest quality but of low price.

Cheap Weed Seeds that Please

  • White Skunk – this marijuana seed is a durable plant that produces high-quality potent buds. Some of those who bred this kind of marijuana strain have said that it can withstand insect problems during their growth cycle. This is considered as one of those marijuana seeds that are great for beginners.
  • Auto Pineapple Express–This kind of marijuana seed is an autoflowering-feminized kind of seeds. Although its price is a little bit above the price of being cheap but just way below from being expensive. It has a nice aroma and taste that resembles that of pineapple. You are surely going to enjoy this ride in the pineapple express.
  • Royal Bluematic – This marijuana seed is the least expensive among all the popular autoflowering blueberry type of marijuana strain in the market. It has a fruity, resinous aroma when the buds are cured and it is surely a treat because it makes for a smooth smoke.
  • Afghan Kush – This is the marijuana strain to find if you are into breeding. So having a male plant for this kind of marijuana strain is not a bad thing. The buds are fat and resinous with a hush delight aroma that will surely please any marijuana fan who smokes it.
  • Feminized Skunk – This marijuana seed is the seed to beat when it comes to the price. You can get 10 seeds from this strain for just under 15 bucks. It is great for growing outdoors and even better when grown outdoors. The buds produced from this plan has that delicious balance of orange/mint/ganja flavors with a long lasting body high with just enough kick to wake you up without those negative thoughts and paranoia.
  • Northern Lights – This marijuana strain as a very affordable price, reliable germination and great genetics which can produce those bombastic buds. Northern lights can be at a low price. And best of all, the autoflowering-feminized type of this strain also sells at a pretty affordable price. Another advantage for this strain is that it is one of those cheap weed seeds that do not give off that smell that can give you away when you are growing.