Top Seven Cannabis Seeds Bestsellers

Cannabis smoking would generally be an interesting commodity and medication once one is able to realize their varying features. Knowing which cheap marijuana seeds are commonly grown then you would surely know what’s the reason behind it and why you should be buying some high quality marijuana seeds too for growing marijuana indoors or outdoors.

cannabisWhen people buy marijuana seeds, they intend to go for the following cheap marijuana seeds because they are highly preferred by cannabis users from around the world. Take note that the reasons why they are most preferred is basically of the effect that it produces, medical benefits, and the ease of growing.

Big Bud Marijuana Seeds

Big-Bud-Marijuana-SeedsIt has been awarded as one of the Cannabis Cup Winners in 1989 and has been proven to have higher yields. If you buy marijuana seeds of this strain, you will enjoy a sweet and floral taste to it. If you buy marijuana seeds of this strain, you will have a giggly high. It is an indica and sativa mix.

White Widow Marijuana Seeds

White-Widow-Marijuana-SeedsIt was awarded as the 1995 Winner of the Cannabis Cup having a cool and refreshing taste to it. It has a great and powerful high which allows the smoker to be always at its feet. It has white hairs which makes it known as White Widow.

California Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds


This was originated in California which sets you in a creative and artistic mood once you start to feel its kick.

Caramelicious Marijuana Seeds

Caramelicious-Marijuana-SeedsThese are cheap marijuana seeds having the sweetest bud and have been preferred by many smokers. It has a fruity taste to it and has a very light high.

Northern Light x Big Bud Marijuana Seeds


This is considered to be oldest commercial strain available in the market. It has a smooth and fruity taste to it and it has a high THC content since it is dominated by Indica type cannabis.

Light of Jah Marijuana Seeds

light-of-jahThis has been considered to be the most uplifting cannabis high effect among others as it compels you to chat for longer periods with no end.

White Queen Marijuana Seeds

white-queenIt has dense floral buds that give a physical high.

Where to Order High Quality Marijuana Seeds?

If you want to buy marijuana seeds online then you might want to check Buy Dutch Seeds or Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. Both companies are located in Amsterdam and they do have worldwide shipping (discrete). They have cheaper prices than the other seed banks.

I actually got this list from the two companies and I compared them based on the data that they provided. You might want to know why these marijuana strains are best sellers, well they are all in the hall of famers. I know for sure that you have heard or have tried these marijuana strains listed above. These are just some of many well loved marijuana seeds which you can find in the market now.

Why buy marijuana seeds?

It’s an investment. You are saving a lot of money because a seed can grow into a huge marijuana plant which could produce high yield and can provide you with buds worth $10000 or less. Think about it, you are buying a $5 above worth of seed to grow a $1000 – $10 000 worth of buds. It’s up to you to decide to whether or not you grow your own.

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Good luck!