Ways to Detox Marijuana

cheese-quattro-marijuana-seedsMarijuana addiction could be one of the things that many people dread to experience. Also, there are those who just take it for leisure but are not dependent on it. Either way, they are still users but not as frequent as those who are addicted by it. But it is just too hard to get away from something that really makes you feel good. There are others who would also want to get rid of it from their system. Especially if the need calls for it, for instance, you need to get a drug test done on you for work. In order to detox marijuana from your body, there are several steps that you should do. This may not be easy for some but with dedication and commitment it can be done.

What is Detoxing?

Detoxification is the process by which your body eliminates toxins or unwanted substances from your body that has been accumulated through time. For instance, when you want to get rid of THC in your body, it will take some time for you to detox it out. There are ways though to make this.

How To Detox Marijuana From Your System

  • Drink lots of water – This is the most traditional way of detoxification of unwanted substances in your body. It maybe not as effective, but it can slowly be able to help your body release THC from your body. This is the natural way of getting rid marijuana from your body.
  • Do a lot of exercise – Since cannabinoids are fat soluble and it sticks to the fat cells in your body, if you burn more fat, the more THC can be taken out from your body. You don’t have to pay for gym or do some heavy exercises. All you need to do is do activities that can help burn calories. Swimming and running could be some of the ways for you to burn fat without going to the gym. This can also help speed up the metabolism which in turn can detox weed out from your body faster.
  • Drink lemon juice – Lemon has high Vitamin C content which as an essential electrolyte and a good way to detox marijuana from your body naturally. It is better if you make your own lemon juice from fresh lemons in order to really have the natural nutrients that the lemon has.
  • Eat a lot of green vegetables – Eating green vegetables like kale, broccoli, spinach and chard can help supply your body with vitamins and minerals like iron. If you eat lots of these kinds of vegetables, it can help in detoxing marijuana from your body by boosting your metabolism and providing the body the essential nutrients that it needs to detox marijuana faster.
  • Don’t eat junk foods or red meat – Eating junk food and red meat are not healthy for the body and has now significant role in detoxing marijuana from your body. These food has high sodium content which can cause water retention. Also, it can slow down metabolism without supplying the body the nutrients it needs.

There you have it. These are just some simple and natural ways that you can detox marijuana from your body. This is not very hard to do if you are willing to take the challenge of cleaning yourself up from marijuana.