Weed Harvesting and Drying

Knowing how to grow weed won’t be complete without learning when to harvest marijuana where you can obtain buds with good quality and high potency. The best way of knowing that your weed plants are ready to harvest is to closely check on the trichomes using a magnifying glass. After harvest, dry the buds properly to get buds that are not only potent but also tasty and smooth to smoke.


The Difference of Harvesting Weed Early and Late

Harvesting the buds too early may not give you the full potency because during this time, the buds may not have reached their full maturity and so, the THC level may not be that high. The best time to harvest the buds is when about 50% of the trichomes have changed their color. You can harvest early and when the trichomes are already cloudy or milky because this is the time when the potency of the buds is at its peak.

There are more amber-colored trichomes if you harvest the buds too late. During this time, the buds will weigh more but the THC content is lowered which means that you will experience more of a body stone when you smoke the buds.

Marijuana Harvesting for Selling Purposes

Harvesting the buds late and when 75% of the trichomes have turned amber will cause the weight to increase because extra resin is produced in the seed pods when the buds are over-ripen. Marijuana growers who intend to cultivate weed plants for selling purposes would usually wait too long before they start harvesting the buds to increase the weight and to gain more profit out of it. Remember that when you harvest too late, the weight can increase but the THC content of the buds is too low and the CBD level is high which makes it hard for smokers to catch a decent buzz.


Marijuana Drying by Hanging the Buds

The drying process is the so-called final stage of growing pot. This process should be done properly to ensure of getting buds that are smooth and tasty to smoke. Drying the buds through hanging and air-drying is the most common method used by many growers.

  • After harvesting, simply trim the buds to hasten the drying process
  • In a dark room, hang the buds by attaching them to a line by the stem. Allow proper spacing and do not let the buds touch each other
  • Keep the air moving inside the room using a fan and leave the buds to dry for about 5 days up to a week or more

Marijuana Drying in an Oven or Microwave

Marijuana buds that are not properly dried and cured are not as very potent as those that were properly dried. Aside from the lack of potency, losing some patience in accomplishing the drying process will give you buds that taste harsh and are acidic. Buds can be dried and cured using an oven or microwave but doing so will be too risky. You can do this process by setting the oven or microwave in 50% full power and turn it on for about 15 to 30 seconds. 

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