What Are The Medical Marijuana for Anxiety Strains

Meta Description: Anxiety is one of those illnesses that marijuana is found to be able to treat. Here are some of the strains and facts about it.

My-Favorite-Strains-for-Relieving-Stress-and-Anxiety-WeedistMarijuana is known to be able to treat a number of diseases. That is why those strains or marijuana that is used for medical purposes is called medical marijuana to differentiate it from the regular marijuana that is used for casual smoking and to get high. Anxiety is one of those diseases that can be treated by taking marijuana. There are certain marijuana strains that can be considered as medical marijuana for anxiety. Here are some of those strains and some other facts about medical marijuana as treatment for anxiety.

THC and CBD in Medical Marijuana for Anxiety

The two most common active components in marijuana is THC and CBD. They can exist in all of the marijuana strains but in different proportions. These two components are actually opposites. THC brings the psychoactive high effect which stimulates the brain. While CBD causes the body high which usually relieves pain.

THC is actually responsible for the high which is usually linked to paranoia especially when taken at high doses. This is because THC activates an area in the brain that is responsible for the fear, the amygdala.

While CBD is responsible to counteract the effects of THC. Studies have shown that when CBD is taken dominantly, it can considerably lower the anxiety in users.

Medical Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

  • Chocolate Chunk–this is a pure Indica strain that has an earthy taste with a slight yet distinct chocolate after taste. It has small dense buds with shades of green and a lot of trichomes. This strain is good for a night time or lazy day smoke. Another thing that is good about this strain is that it is very potent. It can treat anxiety, panic attacks, depression, chronic and short-term pain.
  • Purple Kush – This is a dominant Indica strain which has a sweet and candy taste with musk and forest fruits smell. It is a good plant to grow since it is a productive and resistant to disease kind of marijuana plant. The potency of this strain is high as well. This is one of those strains that is good for treating anxiety as well as headaches.
  • Mother of Berries–this strain is a dominant Indica strain as well. It has the strongest fruity smelling bud which is close to that of blueberry cheesecake. The taste is also like the smell. Also, the goodness of the taste lasts for a few minutes after you exhale. This strain is actually a good strain for casual smoking. Also, this is good to treat anxiety, insomnia, stress and pain as well.
  • Orange Kush – This is also an Indica strain which has clean citrus taste and a tangy scent. This as well is good for treating anxiety and insomnia.

These are just some of the medical marijuana for anxiety. There are more that you can search from in some marijuana online stores. So if you are experiencing some anxieties, why go to chemical medications. You can consider medical marijuana to treat your anxiety. But you should still have the permission of your doctor to take this to make sure that you are fit to take it.