What Are the Nutrients for Growing Marijuana?

Meta Description: There are factors that affect the growth of a marijuana plant and of those is the nutrients that need to be supplied to sustain them. Read on to find out more.

marijuana-nutrients-2Plants need nutrients in order to grow healthy. The right amount of nutrients should be supplied in order to be able to get those high-quality buds that you want. Nutrients for growing marijuana are produced specially to serve its purpose to aid in the growth of your marijuana plants. There is a long list of nutrients and other things that you need to supply in order to obtain that nice buds.

Nutrients for Growing Marijuana

  • Water – The amount of water that you are pouring to your marijuana plants. It is also easy to get wrong especially with the amount and schedule of watering your marijuana plant. There are factors to consider in order to know how much water you are going use for watering your marijuana plant. The optimum times to water your marijuana plant is every two to three days. It is not good to put too much water on your marijuana plants because this won’t allow the roots to absorb some oxygen. Give your marijuana plant some time to absorb an ample amount of oxygen which is also needed for its growth.
  • Air – Air quality is one of the crucial factors to consider when growing marijuana. Similar to light, the air aids in the growth of plants as it contains oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide to assimilate their food. Medical marijuana needs large amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide for them to grow properly. If you are growing outdoors, you may have an unlimited supply of air but for indoor growing of marijuana, it needs to be supplied to provide the needed air quality for marijuana. In order to maintain the right amount of air for an indoor growing room, you must have an effective ventilation system to control the amount of air that is going in and out of the room.
  • Light – This is the most important thing that must always be present for plants to grow. The right amount of light is crucial to the growth of marijuana. Marijuana that is grown in tropical countries where the sun is up and hot for long periods of time, marijuana grows best because of the natural light end long exposure in the sun. If you are in a country where the sun does not give off to much heat and light, an improvised growing room for marijuana is made. The kind of light source will be the crucial factor for indoor cultivation of marijuana.
  • NPK–this acronym stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. These three nutrients are the most common nutrients found even in the most common fertilizers. These are the main minerals and nutrients for growing marijuana. The right ratio of these three components would vary according to your preference. You should be able to identify the right ratio in order to attain a good batch of marijuana plants.