What You Should Know About Northern Lights Marijuana

Meta Description: There are a lot of marijuana strains that people really look for because of its exquisite effects on the user. Northern Lights is one of the marijuana strains that most users really look forward to using. Read on to find out more.


What is Northern Lights Marijuana?

Northern Lights Marijuana is a type of Cannabis Indica strain that is known for its potency and yield. It is also well known because it is easy to grow. Furthermore, this strain has won a lot of Marijuana competition. It was first competed in the year 1989 when a number of marijuana seeds were sent from the USA to Amsterdam.

This marijuana strain is a petite plant which has an average height between 4 and 5 feet. It has dense, resin-rich flowers and wide leaves. The smell of this strain is pungently sweet and the taste is a mix of sweet and spicy.

Physical Features and Aroma

This marijuana plant is beautiful to look at every angle. It has a compact, dense buds coated with silvery-white frosting of trichomes which are commonly separated by a few centimeters of stalk. This makes trimming easy and it can definitely produce an excellent yield. Even if the buds are tight and thick, they are not invulnerable to bud rot or other major problems that marijuana buds can experience.

Northern Lights has a fresh, vegetal and lightly skunky smell from a certain distance which can turn into a complex, sweet citrus-pine with some notes of eucalyptus when the flowers are pressed or squeezed. When it is ground, the aroma becomes stronger and sharper which usually takes on a musky citrus quality that can be attributed to burned orange peels with a little mix of pine.

The Smoke Produced by Northern Lights

The smoke that is produced by Northern Lights is a lightly sweet and citrus kind of smoke when you inhale it. When you exhale it, it becomes more pine and musky to smell. The taste of this strain is somehow close to how it smells with a little bit of pungent taste. If you vaporize this bud, it would probably enhance the taste and smell of this strain. This then results to a very light grey, almost white ash, which would indicate that the grower was able to flush their buds properly. Proper flushing is an important consideration in producing marijuana buds which would then emanate into a high-quality dried marijuana buds.

Effects of Northern Lights

Northern Lights marijuana has psychoactive effects on the user as well. This effect settles firmly in the body which would then relax the muscles and pacifying the mind in euphoria. You might be wondering what is dominant in Northern Lights, THC or CBD?It has been known that Indica strains have more CBD than THC and CBD affects more the body than the mind. That is why, Northern Lights is a popular marijuana strain for those who are researching about medical marijuana. This marijuana strain makes comfortable laziness which allows the patients to relieve pain and sleeplessness.