Where Can You Grow Marijuana Safely and Effectively?

Meta Description: Do you want to start growing your own marijuana? One thing that might bug you is to decide where you can grow them. Read on to find out more.


If you want to grow marijuana, one of the things that you should consider is to decide where you should put your cultivated marijuana plants. This is a crucial part when you want to start growing marijuana. You need to ask, where can you grow your marijuana? This isn’t simply an issue of where though, it also includes where to go marijuana safely and effectively such that you will be able to grow your marijuana plants without getting caught.

Where Can You Grow Marijuana?

There are two kinds of places where you can grow your marijuana. If you have the luxury of buying an empty lot, you can use it to grow your marijuana outdoors. If you don’t, then you can consider growing marijuana indoors. There are a number of ways and options for you to consider as to the places where you can grow your marijuana.

  • Balcony – if you don’t have a roof top space, then use your balcony. Many use the balcony as a site to have their plants planted especially in apartment buildings. It is an ideal open space for your marijuana plants. Put on a film to avoid any of your neighbors recognizing your plants and this also helps keep the smell from spreading.
  • Forest – Growing your marijuana plants in the forest might be risky but it can be an option. If you can, then keep them hidden deep in the forest to keep them from being noticed or smelled by your neighbors. This might be tiresome though because you need to travel from your home to the forest. But if you are passionate about it then it is doable.
  • Roof Terrace – If this is available to you, the roof terrace is a good place to have your marijuana garden. Your plants are sure to have enough supply of the sunlight and wind that they need for their growth. But the odor of your plants might be an issue especially if you live in a very windy place. Furthermore, a windy environment is not ideal for marijuana plants.
  • Roof of a vacant building – This might be a long shot for most but if you have the luxury to do so then why not. Many growers are not comfortable to have their plants grown in a place where a lot of people can see it. So find a place that does not have any and is difficult to find.
  • Garden – If you have the space in your front or backyard then have your marijuana plants grown in your garden. Only a few have this luxury though. It is easier to maintain marijuana plants in your garden since it is close to your home and you can easily hide them from suspicious neighbors.

There are other places where you can grow marijuana. But the most important thing that you must make sure is to not get caught and keep your marijuana plants safe.