How Does “12 12 From Seed” Affect Your Weed Plant?

12 12 from seed

Weed cultivators are in constant search for new ways and methods of growing. You will face this struggle, especially if you are an indoor grower who has limited space. Home growers do not believe that restricted and limited space will prevent a particular plant from growing and yielding well. It is the reason why many use a 12 12 from seed method for their cannabis plants.

Will 12 12 From Seed Method Produce Bigger Yields?

Typically, it does not affect your yields. However, it still has many benefits, especially when you want to initiate the flowering stage fast. The seeds’ 12/12 light schedule will help create tiny “bud stick” plants perfect for small indoor gardening. When you modified the technique, you will grow bigger yields while adding no extra effort before you harvest. Still, genetic can affect the yield because some strains can give bigger yields than others naturally. This method is still helpful, and its goal is to initiate the flowering stage right after germination immediately.

Growing weed with this method comes with both pros and cons. Many believe that by using this method, plants will not be able to produce more yields. The flowers will contain a low amount of THC and not capable of creating more budding sites. However, many growers still believe that it can produce bountiful yields during harvest. Although speculations surround this method, growers still like to use this as this has become a part of their method over time.

The 12 12 From Seed Method

When this new method was introduced to cannabis growers, it gained so many speculations before getting accepted. Many indoor growers use this technique because they have limited space. The photoperiod weed strains often flower based on their light cycle, and indoor marijuana growers recreate this to keep their plant in the vegetative phase and make them flower. The 12/12 name stands for 12 hours of every light and darkness you exposed the plant right after it germinates.

The 18/6 method has been commonly used for an extended period during the vegetative phase, which can take 2-4 weeks before deciding to change into the 12/12 method for the flowering phase. Remember that the 12/12 method does not entirely undergo the traditional vegetative phase to initiate the plants to flower immediately. Instead of making the plants focus on its growth and development of leaves, it is duped to flower instantly to reproduce more.

It is ideal for growers who have a small space to grow their plants. It will help the plants manage just like the regular one when it goes through the vegetative stage. But, they are not very bushy, fewer branches, and can only make five harvests every year and perfect for growers who do not have so much time. The 12/12 method is space-saving and an economical method to grow your marijuana plant. You will only need 7-9 weeks straight from seed to harvest, which is very fast than the steady growth of cannabis.

This method does not need any special care; you need to change the light cycles every 12 hours. But, it would help if you treated, give care, and affection to your plants as a grower in terms of factors like nutrients, treating pests, control disease, and more. You have to monitor these factors, especially when the plant is still young and needs care to grow and develop.

Advantages of 12 12 From Seed

  • This method is easy to maintain, and you will handle or trim only a few leaves. It can give you so much time to work on other things.
  • They can grow in limited and restricted spaces.
  • You can create an easy maintenance routine and allows plants to have a good light penetration because you can move the light around.
  • You can save money because the plants do not need unique resources like nutrients, water, and electricity. It even helps reduce the wear and tear of different moving components.
  • You will be able to grow more as you have more efficient ways to save space. The plants will only grow a few branches, just like bonsai.

Tips in Using 12 12 From Seed Method

  • Every time you harvest, it is essential to sterilize the grow area and keep it sanitized and clean.
  • Regularly check your plants to avoid mildew and molds, especially on areas where it obtains less light.
  • It is essential to have a sound air circulation system and powerful lighting to develop well with enough air and lights.
  • Use the correct lighting because, just like humans, plants will also notice the changes in their lighting. Use HPS lamps from the start and never use inadequate lights as the weed will not grow well.
  • Choose the right weed plant because some strains do not cultivate well with this method. Sativa and Hybrids are perfect as they grow well, and their root development is perfect for this kind of method.

The Takeaway

Plants that undergo the 12/12 method will have a different appearance from your regular plants. The reason is that photosensitive hormones in the plant will make room on more branches and 12/12 plants usually have fewer branches. You might also see a difference in the effect because they yield flowers with low THC concentration.

Many growers opt for this method to harvest immediately. However, it is not the best method for a quick harvest because it does not yield well. You can choose the auto-flowering plants method if you like to harvest in less than three months. This method will require you to choose auto-flowering strains that can be harvested 2-3 months after germination. It is much shorter than any other photoperiod plant, even with whatever light schedule you choose.

No matter what method you choose, it is still essential to take good care of them. This particular technique does not need special care, but you still need to look out for disease, molds, mildew, and pests that can affect your plant’s growth. If you neglect your plant of any method and kind alone, you will have nothing in every harvest.

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