Cheap Indoor Grow Set up for Weed

Cheap Indoor Grow Set up for Weed

Are you one of the marijuana aficionados who associates growing weed with spending a fortune?

In this article, we are digging into the best cheap indoor grow set up for weed to help you on your quest.

Or maybe you are just getting started with your cannabis growing journey and you are looking for budget-friendly ways to grow your weed?

Even if you are an experienced marijuana grower, learning some new tricks and tips on how to grow weed without burning a hole in your wallet is always a great idea!

So fasten your seatbelts and let’s dive in!

Choosing & Planning your Growing Space

First off, the cheapest way to grow marijuana indoors requires you to start with planning your growing space accurately.

If you are not familiar with the dimension and the demands of your indoor marijuana growing room then you won’t be able to choose the most suitable lights and other additional basic tools you will need.

So in the case, you want to learn how to grow weed cheap inside, what are your best options in terms of growing space?


Using an old cupboard as a mini growing space is an all-time favorite option.

The cupboard is easy to isolate and keep strict control over the environment as to ensure the most suitable temperature and humidity levels.

Nevertheless, depending on the size of your cupboard, you can easily grow a few plants inside, however, make sure not to overdo it. Each cannabis plant needs to have enough free space to develop.


Growing in a tent is a no less favorite and widely-spread option than using the cupboard method. In fact, you can choose from multiple tents available on the Internet.

But moreover, many of these tents will be already equipped with some super essential tools for you as a grower, so opting for the tent growing method is a big win-win.

Old room

Any old room which you no longer use is a great cannabis growing space. Many growers begin with planting their first green beauties in the attic, basement, their garage or their old bedroom.

For a start, just make sure you clean the space very precisely as to eliminate any little bugs, remove dust and impurities to protect your future crops.

Always keep in mind that if you choose a growing room which is too spacious you risk paying bigger electricity bills, and that won’t be the cheapest way to grow weed.

Growing Lights

Most obviously, indoor marijuana growing can’t go without using the best lights. After all, cannabis plants will use this light as food to complete the cycle of photosynthesis.

Thus, as a rule of thumbs, always remember that investing in good lights will repay your money with better crops.

Please, forget about the crappy fluorescent lights and stuff and just pick up some good lights, such as LED or HID, for example.

You must also keep into consideration the number of the plants you are planning to look for, as well as the size of your growing space.

Nevertheless, make clear on what are your expectations upon harvesting and then again, remember the golden rule – better lights will simply allow you to enjoy those succulent, fat and delicious buds that we are all dreaming about!

Fewer plants mean fewer lights and less money spent but with the same kind reminder that high-quality lights will be worth it at the end!

Growing Medium

You just can’t go without choosing the most suitable growing medium for your indoor marijuana set up. Basically, you have 2 major options – to go for soil or use hydroponics.

In both cases, you can have a tremendously successful harvesting point so this is really only a matter of choice.

If you are planning on growing in soil, it is best to create your very own mix by choosing high-quality soil with good drainage and a top-notch compost to enrich the soil with essential elements.

Always measure the pH levels of the soil because this will make a huge difference for the quality of your crops.

You want to opt for sustaining a 6.5-7 pH and this refers both to the soil and the water solution in the case you are growing your weed hydroponically.

Also, don’t forget to pick suitable pots for your plants! Marijuana babies need smaller pots during the vegetative stage and bigger ones once the flowering stage begins.

Essential Growing Tools

Now, assembling a very basic cannabis growing kit will definitely not cost you a fortune but doing so will also have a massive impact on your control over the growing process.

You see, cannabis plants are sensitive creatures and they need you to sustain a perfectly balanced environment.

Fortunately, providing constant conditions such as balanced room temperature, proper pH levels of the soil and water, as well as monitoring the humidity is not hard at all. You just need to get equipped with the right growing “weapons.”

As a bonus, these tiny devices vary in prices so there’s a little bit of everything, including multiple budget-friendly options.

Here’s your cheat sheet on the top marijuana growing tools that will change your marijuana growing game by taking it to another level!

-A pH Meter
– A Thermometer
– A Reflector
– Nutrient Supplements
– A fan

Reflectors are pretty important as they will help you save from your electricity bills by reflecting the lights and creating a more well-lit and warm environment.

Remember that with nutrients less is always more so you don’t need to break your piggy bank on these supplements!

As for odor control, consider using a simple fan vet to keep the airflow constant and given the case you are not looking for too many plants, you may not even need an exhaust fan but still, consider a way to give your plants plenty of fresh air.