Best Grow Lights for Weed

Best Grow Lights for Weed

No matter of your level of experience with growing marijuana, there is one major rule that applies to all cannabis cultivators – if you want to enjoy great crops, you need the best grow lights for weed!

Light is just as essential to marijuana plants as food is essential to our well-being as humans.

When you know how to utilize the best lights for growing weed, you will literally jump one huge mile ahead in your cannabis growing game!

In simple words, the more light, the better. But why is that so?

Weed plants will need to spend more energy on producing leaves, rather than focusing on the buds, in the case they do not get sufficient and suitable access to good lights.

And what are good lights for growing weed anyway?

When choosing good lights for growing cannabis, you must take into consideration the light spectrum, which is being emitted by the source.

Your green beauties will require one kind of light spectrum during their vegetative growth while they will also require another light spectrum when it comes to the flowering stage.

For example, the Sun possesses the full spectrum, which will be most beneficial for your plants’ sake.

However, fortunately, we can pretty much mimic the same favorable light spectrum by using suitable artificial lights.

Don’t be terrified by the eventual calculations you will need to make when purchasing the preferred lights, even if you suck at math! Just keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

Fluorescent Lights for Growing Cannabis

Fluorescent lights are among the cult-classic ones when it comes to growing marijuana. In fact, it was exactly with the use of fluorescent lights that some of the pioneer cannabis growers admit having started their weed growing journey!

Nowadays, fluorescent lights are still a fantastic choice for taking care of your green beauties. However, you need to keep in mind a few basic rules.

Fluorescent Lights and the Number of Plants you are Growing

First off, fluorescent lights might not be your best choice in the case you are planning to grow multiple plants (for example, anything more than 3).

That’s because fluorescent lights can do a great job to help you take care of a few plants and this won’t be much of an issue.

When it comes to large-scale productions, though, you will find fluorescent lights too energy-consuming, and subsequently – money-consuming.

Pros & Cons of Fluorescent Lights

Nevertheless, fluorescent lights emit much heat, as compared to other options, such as LEDs, and excessive heat can also be an issue which is especially hard to handle if you are growing numerous plants.

On the other hand, fluorescent lights are super-easy to find, they won’t cost you a fortune, and they will emit a good light spectrum to help you enjoy good crops.

As a rule of thumbs, you will need to monitor your plants much more frequently in the case of using fluorescent lights, so keep that into consideration, as well.

Hooray for CFLs!

Compact fluorescent lights are, in fact, very compact!

One of the most common questions is how many CFLs per plant will you need as a grower to fulfill the needs of your green beauties?

You will be good to go by starting with 150W of CFLs. What’s more, 150W of CFLs is just what you need for growing 1 plant, and that’s fairly satisfying.

So let’s say you are looking after 1 marijuana plant.

For best results, opt for 4 CFLs of 40W/42 each. Another suitable alternative is to go for 6 x 23/26W CFLs. Just remember to use multiple lights for reaching the recommended 150W of CFL per plant.

The light spectrum also plays a huge role so for stimulating your plants’ flowering mood, you will need the so-called Soft White colored bulbs, as the Cool White, or also known as Bright White bulbs are better suited for the vegetation period.

HID Lights for Marijuana Growing

Best HID Grow Bulbs for Growing Cannabis

HID lights are another magnificent option for growing your very own cannabis. HIDs can be mercury, high-pressure sodium vapor, and metal halide.

Mercury HID lights are off the cannabis-friendly list since they offer a very low wattage, which is not going to do the trick for your green beauties to flourish.

Metal Halide (MH) lights are a great option to use during the vegetative stage to support growth. However, these are also not suitable to ensure maximum flowering.

High-Pressure Sodium Vapor Lights (HPS) are the top choice for supporting and nurturing your plants during the flowering stage.

It is best to go for 400W or 600W HPS lights, as 1000W will be too hard to handle in terms of excessive heat.

LED Lights for Cannabis Growing

LED lights have been among the trendiest marijuana growing lights nowadays. And indeed, LEDs come with some one-of-a-kind characteristics in terms of being budget-friendly and gentle to your green beauties.

However, LED installations tend to be a bit more pricey without regards to their otherwise electricity-saving capability.

Nevertheless, when it comes to LEDs it just can’t be truer that you get what you pay for!

Don’t fall for the multiple “bargain deals” with LEDs because you may just end up disappointed and actually burning a bigger whole in your pocket rather than saving a few bucks!

Apart from those warnings, LED are a marvelous source of light for marijuana plants and that goes both to the vegetative and flowering stage.

As you get to think of it, LEDs are a wise investment for also helping you decrease your reliance of various fans and vets (not all the time but possibly a large part of it).

Best of all, LED lights emit very little heat so once installed, you can leave your plants unattended every now and then without concerns of heat stress and burns.