Best Marijuana Plants to Grow Outdoors

You can grow marijuana indoors and outdoors. Many would think that every strain is applicable in every environment. But you can identify those strains that can grow best outdoors.

Growing outdoors has its advantages and disadvantages. It is usually favorable and preferred for many growers because the nutrients needed for plant growth is readily available when you grow outdoors.

Marijuana plants have different strains and each of them has certain attributes and preference for their growing environment.

So for you to know the best marijuana plants to grow outdoors, here is a short list of those strains that are most applicable to grow outdoors.

List of the Best Marijuana Plants to Grow Outdoors


This strain is Indica dominant. It has a medium height when it grows. Blueberry is very easy to grow and will produce a high yield of thick and juicy buds. It will have you drooling when you smell its smell. This strain is an award-winning strain that has a good smelling smoke. When you light up a roll of this strain, you will experience a balanced combination of potent physical stone and euphoric high.

OG Kush

This strain is popular in the US and a rising star in Europe. This is a sativa dominant marijuana seed that produces dens buds. It has a smell and taste like fuel and can give the user a strong high. OG Kush can be bought in marijuana seed store as a feminized seed. This makes it convenient and a good strain for producing buds because you are assured that it will produce a female marijuana plant with the feminized seed.


this strain is a blend of two west coast flavors. It is from a blueberry male from Oregon and is the culprit for the taste and vigor. This is mixed with a fuel, lemon taste of OG Kush from LA. Kushberry is a short marijuana plant that produces a decent amount of yield. The flavor of this strain may not be as good as its potency. It is one of the strongest strains among the strains at this list. This strain is also good as a medical marijuana strain as well. It relieves pain and helps with sleep and eating disorders.

Guerilla’s Gusto

If you are a guerrilla grower, this is the strain for you. Guerilla gusto is an Indica dominant marijuana strain.Sometimes, growing your marijuana plants just out your backyard is not enough for you. It is easy to grow as well that you can just throw the seeds to the grown and return after several months to harvest your buds. This strain is also a good strain if you would grow it in a normal outdoor garden. It has a large yield which produces high-quality buds that will satisfy any marijuana grower. This strain has a nice taste and has a potent physical stone effect.

This may not be all of the best marijuana to grow outdoors but these are some of your choices of marijuana seeds to grow outdoors.

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