Best Nutrients for Flowering Cannabis Outdoors

Best Nutrients for Flowering Cannabis Outdoors

Whenever outdoor marijuana growing is mentioned, we immediately get excited!

It is both beautiful and extremely rewarding to grow your cannabeauties under the generous rays of the sun.

After all, Mother Nature already knows the tricks to make our cannabis plants thrive!

However, since we are cultivating cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, the major focus is on nurturing the buds.

Check out this awesome list of tips to help you choose and utilize the best cannabis nutrients for outdoor plants and the best ways to apply them.

Yes, we love to provide our green ladies with the essential nutrients to support the flow of sugars all the way up to the hungry buds.

In fact, a proper nutrient schedule can easily double your yields. Ready? Let’s jump in!

How to Enrich the Soil for Outdoor Marijuana Plants

When growing outdoors, you might be lucky to have rich soil in your garden.

But however rich the natural soil is, marijuana plants require unique care because they are not native to your particular type of soil.

What most outdoor cannabis experts keep to themselves is that they actually mix their supersoil a year before they even plant their seeds!

Yep, this is the best way to let all the nutrient-dense various matter (both plant and animal-derived) blend perfectly well.

Okay, but let’s say you have carefully chosen and/or mixed your marijuana outdoor growing supersoil.

You didn’t leave it to blend for a whole year?

That’s still fine.

But in such case, remember that your cannabis plants will benefit the most from added bloom fertilizers during flowering.

If you only apply methods of all-natural nutrient-boost, your plants will not be able to suck out all the essential elements they need.

That’s because it takes time for all-natural fertilization composting to fully blend into the soil.

Meanwhile, marijuana plants are hungry creatures.

As soon as the flowering reaches the phase of buds fattening, your cannabeauties will be begging for some extra nurture through essential nutrients.

And when you know how to feed the nutrients the right way, you are sure to enjoy sufficient yields with maximized flavors and potency.

After all, the purpose of giving nutrients to both indoor and outdoor marijuana plants is just the same: make the most out of the harvesting point by giving the beautiful buds the entire blend of essential elements to make them juicy, delicious, and THC-coated.

What are the Best Nutrients for Flowering Cannabis Outdoors

As a rule of thumbs, there are 3 major nutrients all marijuana plants require to grow healthy and strong: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.

Look for the N-P-K levels of the nutrients you feed to your green beauties.

N stands for Nitrogen, which is very important during vegetation.

However, as flowering reaches its peak (buds fattening), you only need little Nitrogen.

The elements which will feed the hungry buds are actually Phosphorus and Potassium.

Thus, you want nutrients which are higher in Phosphorus and Potassium and lower in Nitrogen to support flowering.

Remember that there is little to no use in changing the line of nutrients you apply.

If you really want to know how these work, stick with your choice and judge the results by the quality of crops you get.

And please forget about overfeeding your cannabis plants with nutes!

The more does not obligatory mean the better.

Plants are delicate beings so treat them as such and don’t be harsh with your care.

How to Feed Cannabis Flowering Nutrients for Best Results

Even when you already have the right nutrients, you can easily reach nutrient deficiency or a nutrient burn.

It is the feeding schedule of nutrients you give to your marijuana plants that matters.

In the case you haven’t made any compromise when it comes to the quality of soil you are using, then the essential additional nutrients will be enough to add once in a week.

That’s, of course, an average nutrient schedule suggestion because different cannabis strains show a different tolerance to nutrients.

For example, my OG Kush green babes took increased levels of extra nutrients very, very well.

They were so hungry! But with a Red Dragon crops, things were completely the opposite.

So when it comes to nutrients and cannabis cultivation outdoors, you have one best friend: pH balance.

With outdoor marijuana plants, you can’t control the weather, keep perfect humidity levels all the time, or preserve the environment sterile and avoid pests all the time.

But you do have a grip over the pH levels.

Keep monitoring the soil and water pH and adjust whenever needed. It only takes a few trials to learn how to measure pH easily.

Adjusting the acidity and alkalinity does not require a P.hd in gardening.

For example, lemon or lime juice is highly alkaline.

When ph levels are above the recommendations in terms of acidity, a squeeze of citrus fruit is very helpful and effortless to apply.

On the other hand, coffee grounds are very highly acidic and as such, you can add them to balance low acidity in the soil ph levels of your outdoor green ladies.

The Bottom Line

All elements you add to feed your cannabis garden will only work in a ph-balanced environment.

You can’t just find a golden-fit-them-all guide on the best nutrients for flowering cannabis outdoors.

But as long as you remember you need to add an extra boost of N-P-K in a suitable ratio and don’t keep the pH levels out of the track, then you will get one step closer to watching your green princesses flourish.

And give off the best when it’s harvest time!

Like, share, comment and join the global wave of cannabis cultivation made easy, for a greener, happier planet.

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