Best Nutrients for Outdoor Marijuana Grow

Best Nutrients for Outdoor Marijuana Grow

On the search for the best nutrients for outdoor marijuana grow, we got the fantastic idea to experiment with the top 10 fruity strains.

What’s the point?

Figuring out how the right nutrients can help to increase the flavor in outdoor cannabeauties.

And is there any better way to experiment with taste than with juicy, fruity marijuana strains?

Before choosing our personal top 10 seeds of fruitlusciousness to start growing, we’ve stumbled across many fruity weed names.

But below, along with the highlights on applying nutrients to your outdoor cannabis ladies, we’ll add an extra introduction to the top 10 yummiest buds to lay hands on.

After all, those who care – share.J

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How to Use Nutrients in Outdoor Marijuana Growing for Best Results

With outdoors cannabis cultivation, Mother Nature is a huge factor.

Even though the outside growing conditions can be hard to predict and sometimes unfavorable for us, marijuana growers, actually, plants have everything they need to thrive.

When adding nutrients, always start your way small.

Feed ¼ strength solution of the nutrient you choose and water your plants about 3 hours before and after.

Doing so will help to keep the roots moist and increase the nutrients absorption rate. Stay away from overwatering, though!

A 100 ml glass of distilled, pH-balanced water is enough before you add the diluted nutrient solution.

Start with giving your outdoor green beauties additional nutrients once a week. You can begin as soon as week 3 of vegetation kicks in.

That won’t be the same period for autoflowering strains, though.

Autos can be ready to start taking Nitrogen-rich nutes after week 1 has passed.

You know, with plants, it’s not that easy to put things into strict frames. You need to know your marijuana plants. Look at them, check how they develop.

Most of the top 10 fruity strains listed below took up nutrients very well.

We don’t underestimate the fact we got seeds with strong genetics.

Seeds with weak genetic inheritance are much more prone to problems with adjusting to nutrients.

Which Cannabis Nutrients to Choose?

Apart from the multiple additional organic fertilizers you can apply, a high-Nitrogen nutrient supplement works best for supporting the healthy and stealth growth of cannabis plants during vegetation.

Fertilizers with low amount of Nitrogen and higher levels of Phosphorus and Potassium are suited for the flowering stage.

Top 10 Fruity Strains Revealed

Super Lemon Haze

With 80% Indica genetics, Super Lemon Haze cannabeauties are easy to deal with.

As the plants grow tall, though, they love some good nutes.

The zesty, sweetly, crisp lemon after-taste is sure one of the top award-winning qualities of Super Lemon Haze.

The long flowering (8-11 weeks) makes up some extra weeks for feeding nutrients and thus, along with a good climate and rich soil, you can get mesmerizing, sparkling-coated buds.


Blueberry has been a legend among cannabis connoisseurs ever since the 70s. Blueberry marijuana plants will surely enchant you with their shades of blue-purple hues.

The flavor is what you can expect after tasting a freshly-picked blueberry. Simply palatable.

A typical Indica-dominant couch body lock which lasts long and relieves pain fantastic.

Be very gradual when building your way up with nutrients, though. Blueberries are sensitive.

Strawberry Cough

Just a so very berry delight. Strawberry Cough beauties adore growing outside where they can show off their Sativa dominance.

There’s room to grow tall and stretch and thus make multiple buds. And the numerous buds get deliciously fat with a good nutrient boost.

Very uplifting strain, just like its flavor suggests. Prep for a wild-strawberries-and-earthy-ripe-blueberries sundae.


Just a So.Tangy! experience which turns every casual smoke into a ritual.

With the aroma of warm orange zest, hitting your senses and making you scream for some more of that bold, deep citrus fiasco.

A pure Sativa, give Tangie plants lots of light and long summer days, and see how only the sky is the limit with outdoor marijuana growing!

As the plants will grow tall, nutrient levels will have to be carefully increased.

Mango Kush

A refreshing mango with banana-piney undertones upon exhalation.

Flowering is long (9-11) weeks but worth the waiting.

Indica-dominant hybrid, Mango Kush plants thrive on a consistent nutrient schedule.

Game Changer

Holy sour grapes!

That’s what we call a hybrid with a flavorful attitude. There’s definitely a nostalgic hint in the fruity character of Game Changer.

Plants did well with taking up their nutrients but are also very sensitive. You need to be very consistent and strict with your care.


Prepare for some sizzle and wizzle with X13!

The lime and lemon flavor with a ripe pear undertone also comes with a spritzy fizzle just like a can of ice cold soda on a hot summer day.

Definitely a high-quality hybrid.


If grapefruit and honey allures you, then you’d fall in love with growing Grapefruit strain.

A rare one, though, and not the most well-tolerating a bad nutrient schedule.


Tropical Mood: ON.

Pineapple strain comes with a distinct tropical sweetness and that happy, uplifting high which sure made us feel as if we have packed our bags for a summer escape under the palm trees.

Seeds are not easy to find, though, and Pineapple plants definitely want some extra care and attention with nutrients.

Juicy Fruit

A fruit punch of pina colada and tangy sourness with plum undertones, Juicy Fruit is a keeper.

With a short flowering of 7-9 weeks, these colorful beauties are easy to grow and take up nutrients excellent.

Have you tried some of the top 10 fruity strains? Do you have other favorite fruity weed names on your bucket list? In any case, remember that when introduced to the best nutrients for outdoor growing, these fruity marijuana varieties will surely leave all your senses into a state of ultimate delight.