Best Weed Drying Box Review

Best Weed Drying Box Review

Drying small harvest can be done in weed drying box, most especially if drying space is a problem and you want to get away with the prying eyes from your neighbors. A wooden box makes an excellent drying space. The airflow in the enclosed area is diminished, and the buds and leaves must be turned daily to even out the moisture content and discourage molds.

Tips in Drying Marijuana

First, it is important to mention that the best way of drying marijuana is to hang them upside down. This will cause all the remaining water, nutrients, and energy that is still left in the plant to flow down to the flowers which are the last place to dry. With the plants’ hanging upside down to dry, it improves the aroma and the flavor of the finished buds.

The second primary factor is the drying time. If you will dry your cannabis plants quickly, then the outside portion of the flower will become dehydrated and crisp. The internal portion will stay damp moist and damp. This is not good because you need to aim for balance. If you drying your cannabis plants too slowly, this is not also good because it will be highly at risk to mold and mildew, most especially if the humidity levels are very high.

Here are the Best Weed Drying Box Review

SupHerb Dryer

It is a drying cabinet gives the perfect drying environment. It is important to stress that all Grow Rooms and SuperCloset Grow Boxes are good drying cabinets. Everybody just love the SupHerb Dryer. You need to check the SuperCloset, acting as a double drying cabinet upon harvesting your cannabis plants.

Investing in SupHerb Dryer will give you a professional looking as well as wooden drying chamber that is separated and specifically designed just for drying cannabis plants perfectly. The weed drying box uses mahogany and pine walls all around and it comes with a number of hanging rods that can be adjusted, making the drying process quicker and relatively simple. In addition to that, you can save money and  time because you will not disrupt the harvesting rotation of your cannabis plants in a SuperCloset grow box.

Features and Usage

SupHerb Dryer offers numerous features that will you dry your weeds in just a few days. Some of the features include:

  1. Wood Lined Infra-Cool Steel Cabinet. The interior and the wood-lining of this cabinet gives the right absorption rate and assists in maintaining the humidity and temperature in the closet.
  2. Industrial Grade Carbon Filter and Exhaust Fan. These tools remove the bad odor that is coming from the herbs.
  3. Adjustable Internal Circulation Fan. It gives an ideal airflow that dries your weed at the right time.
  4. Digital Thermometer. It tells you the temperature in the cabinet so you can adjust it if it’s too hot or too cold.

These features will dry the herbs fast without the need of sunlight and air coming from the outside. It also dries the herbs fast compared to the conventional method of drying.


There are lots of advantages that you will enjoy if you choose to get this item. Here are some of those advantages.

  1. Using this dryer is easy. You don’t need to become a professional grower just to dry your pots.
  2. It can dry up to 24 weeds.
  3. It can dry the plants fast compared to the traditional drying method.
  4. It has a 3-year warranty period.
  5. The distributor of the SupHerb Dryer offers a lifelong customer support.
  6. This weed drying box can dry both indoor and outdoor plants.


You will rarely see faults in this equipment. If it has one, it is in the way that the machine was delivered, depending on where you bought the dryer. All in all, the machine has no defects which make it a perfect dryer.

Magic Herb Dryer


It is a 24-plant herb (cannabis) drying box that can dry your marijuana buds easily and efficiently. After harvesting soil or hydroponics plants, just simply hang them in this amazing herb dryer to let them dry. The internal controlled environment of provides  a complete and evenly distribution of drying, so marijuana buds are dried properly and efficiently after harvesting.

What Comes in Your Purchase

It has carbon protected exhaust system and intake, including two powerful 80mm outlet fans. These fans that will provide utmost protection against incoming pests and will give you a faster rate of air exchange. The odor control is designed and provided by Ona Pro, one of the industry leaders in odor neutralization technology in a natural way at a molecular level. It is eco-friendly. The package includes the following:

  1. 4 plant spinning metal racks on the roof of the box
  2. Latches (lockable)
  3. Technical Support (phone or email support)
  4. Instructional Manual
  5. Free Shipping
  6. Lifetime Warranty

Most of us know that we need to water the plants. But do you know that we also need to dry them? Drying your plants such as marijuana will prevent them from getting molds and mildew. It also gives a healthy and an ample yield from your growing herbs. However, you need dryer equipment for you to dry the plants whatever season you may have.

There is a wide variety of dryer equipment that you can buy on the market.

Key Design Elements of a Good Drying Cabinet

  1. Solid and Durable Construction
  2. Well-Regulated Airflow
  3. Low Level of Humidity
  4. Right Temperature
  5. Dry and Warm Climate

Important Reminders

Whichever weed drying box you have chosen for your plants just make sure that you follow the best practices in drying your plants. It will be useless to buy expensive drying boxes if you do not monitor and check your plants.

If you are looking for a good weed drying box, look for the basic key designs that are suggested here, and follow the standard rules in drying your marijuana plants so you will never go wrong. These drying boxes will surely help you solve your limited space problem and will also conceal the garden you have started in your backyard.