Cannabis Growing Equipment That You Need

Planning on starting a marijuana grow would require you to think about a lot of things. One is to decide whether you are doing it indoors or outdoors. Another is what kind of strain are you going to grow. Or you could think about growing medical marijuana or the recreational one. Part of the planning is to think about how to make sure that your growing environment is optimal for marijuana growth. There are cannabis growing equipment needed for you to start your cultivation especially if you are growing indoors. Growing outdoors does not need much of those since you are already set in terms of light source, nutrients, humidity and even water. Although, you still might need some equipment but only minimal. In order to help you get started, here are some of the equipment that you need to have before starting your grow.

Cannabis Growing Equipment

Grow Tent or Room

If you are planning on growing your marijuana indoors, you would have to think about where you are going to put your marijuana plants. You can either give room for them or buy a grow tent. Make sure that you make it sealed enough that odor will not go out of the room. Grow tents are also a popular choice for marijuana growers. This might be a little too noticeable. Put it in a place in your house that would make it blend in.

Exhaust Fans

Air temperature, quality, and circulation are important factors for your grow room, soil or hydroponics. Fans are used to supply the fresh air and blow warm air out of the room. You may need to do some ducting so that it will go along with the exhaust fans. This will decrease the temperature of the air in your grow room.


When growing indoors, there is one limitation, the light source. Marijuana growers use different kinds of a light source such as fluorescent, LED and HID. You also need to know how far these lights should be from your marijuana plants. But there is an electrical precaution for using grow lights. So you need to keep them away from any water.

Temperature controls

You need to keep the temperature maintained at a level that the marijuana plants will grow healthy. Temperature controls can help you monitor and maintain the temperature inside your grow room. Put a thermometer inside your grow room to measure the temperature inside your grow room.

Odor controls

This is the most important thing that you should consider since this is the first thing that could give you away from your visitors and neighbors. Although many people do not really recognize the smell of marijuana something unusual would make them think that something is wrong. You can use carbon filters or ionizers in order to get rid of the odor in your grow room. Among all of the cannabis growing equipment, this is a must.