Cash Crop 5.0 Reviews

Cash Crop 5.0 Reviews

Greetings to ya’ll, bud-buddies!

If you are reading these lines, then you are most probably on the brink of choosing the most suitable marijuana growing cabinet for your needs.

Fortunately, you are not alone on your quest.

Many of us, your fellow cannabis growers, have already been there before.

Check out our Cash Crops 5.0 reviews and make the most well-informed choice.

Please mind that this article provides the personal impressions of our cannabisseur team.

We don’t want to push you towards any buying decisions but simply help you out by sharing our impressions after testing the Cash Crops 5.0 ourselves.

We believe every marijuana patients has the sacred right to utilize the most functional facilities while on the beautiful journey of cannabis cultivation.

The Ultimate Cash Crops 5.0 Reviews List + Expert Tips and Tricks

For a start, personally, I was first introduced to Cash Crops 5.0 long before I got the chance to be part of the review team.

Cash Crops 5.0 was my brother’s first (and only up-to-date) growing cabinet.

Honestly, I didn’t seem to be really impressed when I saw this stealth cabinet for the first time.

But that’s solely due to the fact that I am an obsessed marijuana gigs freak.

Thus, I had already much experience in researching and keeping  track of all the latest cannabis growing cabinets.

And just like every average woman, admittedly, I shared a passion for some of the more luxurious indoor growing boxes.

Well, I guess that’s a suitable time to rehabilitate myself for underestimating the reliable and super useful design of Cash Crops 5.0.

While our team was evaluating this particular growing cabinet, we were allpleasantly surprised by the compact features it comes with.

If you are considering growing no more than 6 cannabis plants and don’t really feel like spending a fortune on intricately designed systems, Cash Crops 5.0 will be a wonderful choice for you.

It has everything you need to enjoy consistent crops with full discretion.

We very much enjoyed the all-ready-to-plant-and-grow design.

There is nothing unnecessary or complex in the setup of CashCrops 5.0.

But then again, there’s just all the essentials you need to grow your marijuana plants with consistency and success.

The built-in exhaust and intake fans keep the airflow under control 24/7.

That’s not only great for dispelling heat in the growing cabinet. It’s also an awesome feature for keeping various pests from invading your precious green beauties.

We also give the LED lights system huge thumbs up.

Keep in mind, though, that if you are looking for some out-of-this-world gigantic buds, expert growers recommend utilizing both LED lights and HPS/ fluorescent lights. This would be more complicate to achieve with Cash Crops 5.0.

However, as a medical marijuana patient, I was personally more than satisfied with the quality of the harvest with Cash Crops 5.0.

One super important thing to consider is that you absolutely need to choose suitable strains to grow with this stealth cabinet.

Due to its ultra-compact, space-saving size, you won’t have a great success with strains, which tend to grow big in height and/or stretch.

Aim for picking appropriate hybrids or pure Indica strains, which are famous for growing bushy than anything tree-like.

On another note, autoflowering cannabis strains are simply made to flourish inside theCash Crops 5.0.

With their short flowering cycle, you can pretty much grow 2 crops by the time other growers will finish harvesting a single one. Woohoo!

The locker is also a great plus.

It will help you keep your marijuana garden a secret from anyone you wish not knowing about your cannabis cultivation.

On another note, that particular feature will be super useful for those of you who have pets.

Yeah, we love our furry buddies but they adore marijuana no less than we, cannabisseurs do!

It’s more than challenging to keep them away from damaging our plants so we do highly appreciate the smart lock system of Cash Crops 5.0.

The reflective film works like charm and is absolutely fantastic for providing increased yields.

Along with the fact that LED lights are the most cost-effective ones, you can rest assured the electricity bill won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The Final Verdict

Ultimately, for anybody who is concerned about dealing with hydroponic systems, Cash Crops 5.0 will quickly prove all your worries wrong.

We find both the air pump and submersible water pump extra convenient to use, and well-functioning as well.

We didn’t face any issues with water leaking out of the pump, and that’s just the way we like it.

Last but not least we can’t help to show admirations for the lifetime warranty and the easily accessible phone and email support. That’s the spirit!

As a conclusion, Cash Crops 5.0 can be a fantastic choice, as long as you are not planning to grow clones and marijuana plants simultaneously inside the box.

There are more suitable options with separate chambers if that’s what you are looking for.

We truly hope our fun and easy to digest Cash Crops 5.0 reviews we gathered here have helped you out on your quest.

After all, those who care, share. And with this in mind, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up, bud-buddies for together we can make marijuana growing accessible to more people who want to take advantage of the green medication.