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Starter Grow Lights for Indoor Marijuana Growing

An artificial type of lighting is needed to grow marijuana indoors since the sunlight is absent. As an indoor grower, there are more things you need to know aside from knowing the basics of how to grow marijuana to get the biggest yield possible for that strain. Know the best technique on how to grow […]

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Pests Affecting Indoor Marijuana Plants

In the process of mastering how to grow marijuana indoors, know not only the techniques of growing for greater yield but also familiarize yourself with common marijuana diseases and pests that you might encounter. Prevention is the best line of defense against these pests. Maintain a clean growing environment, maintain the standard level of temperature […]

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Learn to Grow Marijuana Indoors- Things to Consider

Learning how to grow marijuana is not really very difficult but it is also not as easy as simply filling a pot with garden soil, watering the plants every day and putting them under the sun. For indoor pot growing, the quality of the buds and the amount of harvest will depend on several factors […]

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