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Basic Kits to Use in Growing Marijuana Indoors

Aside from the fact that it is easier to conceal marijuana plants inside, knowing how to grow weed offers several advantages because you can control the environmental conditions so weed plants can grow in an ideal environmental that is away from the stress and pressures brought by the weather outside. The use of soil as […]

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Primary and Secondary Nutrients Needed for How to Grow Weed Indoor Plants

Feeding your weed plants with more nutrients does not mean they can grow faster and produce a bigger yield. Provide them with the proper and just the right amount of nutrients they need because too much fertilizers/nutrients may also burn the top of your plants. Foliar feeding is also a good way of introducing nutrients […]

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Grow Marijuana Indoors using Sea of Green Method

Sea of Green is a method of growing cannabis indoors for fast production of buds. This type of method involves growing several small weed plants that mature faster. The plants are forced into the flowering period after 2 weeks of the vegetative stage, so harvesting of buds can be done weeks earlier than allowing the […]

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