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Growing Marijuana in Grow Boxes

Growing weed indoors offers many advantages because you can take control of the environment and make it ideal for growing weed plants that are healthy and fast growing. There are several risks associated in cultivating marijuana outdoors and for that reason, many have decided to grow weed in an indoor garden where almost all aspects […]

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Planning your Marijuana Grow Room

A proper grow room plan is needed if you choose to grow marijuana indoors to give less chance for failure. Cultivating cannabis indoors is more complex than cultivating weed outdoors where most of the growth factors necessary for the plants to thrive are freely given by nature. Anything from a grow box to a medium-spaced […]

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Growing Marijuana Indoors and Hydroponics

Learning how to grow marijuana indoors is what weed growers are doing since doing it can provide with the freedom to control your own growth. You’ll have full control of your marijuana grow environment – lights, soil, nutrients, etc. However, indoor growing has greater risks than growing cannabis outdoors. The advantage is that you will […]

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