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How to Identify Sativa Buds: A Closer Look

sativa buds

Do you know more about marijuana, but you feel the need of knowing everything about it? Are you getting curious about the types of weed? Maybe you are now interested in knowing and identifying the sativa buds of marijuana plants. In this article, we explore more about it and how you can easily identify them.  […]

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How to Roll a Blunt: Step by Step Method

how to roll a blunt step by step

Do you have any ideas on the ways of consuming weed? Are you interested in consuming through smoking blunt? There are many ways in which you can consume weed. However, if you are interested in consuming it through a blunt, then this is the perfect article for you.  Through this article, you will learn more […]

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Can You Make Edibles with Male Plants?

can you make edibles with male plants

When it comes to marijuana cultivation, growers value female plants more. It doesn’t mean that there’s no use for male plants. It’s just a matter of preserving THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid that makes you high. In the process of natural breeding, male plants have a role to play too. But they are being separated from […]

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