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Difference between Smoking and Vaporizing Marijuana Explained

Only a few people would know that there are actually a lot of ways to enjoy your cannabis plants. The common one is when you smoke it. However, one should know that there are other ways for you to enjoy the effects of the cannabis. The other method which is not so very popular is […]

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Choosing the Best Indoor Grow Lights for Marijuana

How to grow cannabis outdoors is said to be easier and inexpensive compared to growing marijuana indoors because the light is sourced from the sun. However, many growers have claimed that indoor pot growing brings more advantages. Cannabis is just like other plants that need light in order to grow. Since sunlight is absent indoors, […]

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How to Choose a Marijuana Seed Strain to Grow

In purchasing marijuana seeds, careful consideration should be done. Choosing which marijuana strain to consider the massive amount of marijuana plants out there could be overwhelming. You have to ponder on the following questions first before trying to grow one. Do you need to have a rigid how to grow weed indoors or outdoors training […]

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