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Best Marijuana Plants to Grow Outdoors

You can grow marijuana indoors and outdoors. Many would think that every strain is applicable in every environment. But you can identify those strains that can grow best outdoors. Growing outdoors has its advantages and disadvantages. It is usually favorable and preferred for many growers because the nutrients needed for plant growth is readily available […]

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Indoor Marijuana Growing- Air, Temperature and Humidity

How to grow marijuana plants that will give you the best possible results in terms of yield and quality of the buds will entail you to set up a kind of indoor garden that is designed and prepared well to produce healthy plants. To be successful in any weed growing activity, do not just know […]

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Choosing Your Grow Medium for Your Marijuana Plants

To get huge yield and potent buds, there are several factors you need to focus on aside from just simply knowing and learning the basics of how to grow cannabis. Aside from getting the best light for indoor grow room, know the different options available for growing mediums. The medium is where your cannabis plants […]

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