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Controlling Marijuana Odor in the Grow Room

Controlling the odor of marijuana within the grow room is necessary if you don’t want neighbors to get suspicious. The pungent smell of cannabis is easily recognized, so make a move to neutralize or eliminate the odor of weed to avoid exposing your growing activity and getting into trouble. In how to grow marijuana indoors, […]

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How to Grow Weed – Cultivating Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

There are a lot of weed growers who are also at the same time smokers, who would much prefer the method of auto flowering cannabis seeds growing rather than the regulars. This has actually been the most common set up for most growers and smokers and they have been quite content with their cannabis seeds […]

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10 Big Marijuana Growing Mistakes that Growers Should Avoid

Cannabis seeds can be a very delicate plant to grow. Most especially if you are just a newbie when it comes to growing marijuana, one must be able to be up for the challenge that the method on how to grow weed is not a very superficial task. Even the most experienced cannabis growers become […]

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