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How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Using the proper method of germinating the marijuana seeds will help ensure growers with a high rate of germination. Among the most common and effective methods of germinating seeds are the soaking method, paper towel method, germinating seeds directly in soil and germination with the use of propagation kits. –>> Click here for more detailed instructions […]

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Planning your Marijuana Grow Room

A proper grow room plan is needed if you choose to grow marijuana indoors to give less chance for failure. Cultivating cannabis indoors is more complex than cultivating weed outdoors where most of the growth factors necessary for the plants to thrive are freely given by nature. Anything from a grow box to a medium-spaced […]

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Site Selection and Preparation in Growing Marijuana Outdoors

With the ever-growing demand for medical marijuana, a lot of people are growing their own marijuana outdoors or indoors. Medical marijuana industry prepares to meet demand and for sure these big players will soon put more prices on their weed items which will add up to your burden as regular cannabis users. Growing your own […]

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