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What Is LED Light Burn And How To Cure It

led light burn

An extreme amount of things won’t bear you the greatest contentment as too much renders never enough on to such things. In the light of having too much, it causes you the feeling of being burned. As to relate it with LED light as the device to give light to cannabis plants, a high amount […]

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What Are The Common Marijuana Plant Problems?

marijuana plant problems

Marijuana plants are not resistant to illnesses or pests. Sadly, novice cultivators sometimes grapple to accurately distinguish problems such as nutrient deficiencies, pests, molds, and problems on watering, which place them at a great drawback. However, just like any other cultivated plant, marijuana can be subject to these marijuana plant problems, which can be harmful […]

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Tips On How To Deal With Marijuana Leaves Curling Up

leaves curling up

There’s a plant called ‘Sleeping Pothos’ with leaves that are curled up and it’s how it got its name. But if you see the same situation with your marijuana leaves, it’s not normal. As a responsible grower, you have to find ways to correct it and allow them to be healthy. If you have no […]

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