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Top 5 Low Odor Marijuana Strains

Some people just can’t get their nose off of other people’s business. This dilemma also happens to a lot of marijuana growers. It is a fact that marijuana strains give off different kinds of scents. Although some odors can be easily controlled, there are other marijuana varieties that come off really pungent. This can be […]

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Recreational Versus Medical Marijuana Discussed

Marijuana contains an active chemical known as THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. It is capable to give a person’s various effects that deal with memory, movement, perception, concentration and other things that can be controlled by the brain. The amount of THC will tell what the users will about to undergo. It also contains CBD or Cannabidiol […]

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The List of the Cannabis Seeds Strains with the Highest Yield

In choosing the best cannabis strain to use, one should take note of their yield. It is obvious that users will not just settle for something that has a low quality in terms of its yield. They would definitely go for cheap marijuana seeds that have the most effective yield, especially during its harvest season. […]

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