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Pure Breed Strains Versus Crossed Hybrid Marijuana Strains

If you would want to get a stable growth from your marijuana plants, you would more likely to opt for pure breed marijuana seeds. This is the type of strains which is a result from the cross breed of the same strain but with different parents in the line of generation. The cross breeding still […]

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The Difference between Sativa and Indica Strains – Other Types Discussed

Indica, sativa, and ruderalis – those are the terms used to name the different marijuana types. They have the difference and your marijuana growing success could be dependent on which type you would grow. If you decide to grow weed through seeds, then you have to know which marijuana seeds you would buy. Would that […]

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Top Seven Cannabis Seeds Bestsellers

Cannabis smoking would generally be an interesting commodity and medication once one is able to realize their varying features. Knowing which cheap marijuana seeds are commonly grown then you would surely know what’s the reason behind it and why you should be buying some high-quality marijuana seeds too for growing marijuana indoors or outdoors. When people buy […]

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