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Bubble Gum Marijuana Strain Review

The first Bubble Gum strain came from Indiana. But then, they moved the genetics to New England and then to Holland. It took several generations to finally create a strong Bubble Gum strain that has a sweet taste of bubble gum. Winner of two awards at the Cannabis Cup, this strain offers a sweet smell […]

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Bubble Kush Marijuana Strain Review and Growing Tips

Here’s a Bubble Kush weed strain review for those who want to grow this strain. Bubble Kush is perfect for new growers as it is very easy to grow. You can expect an indica high which will send you to the couch for a strong long-lasting couchlock. Special Features of Bubble Kush The Bubble Kush […]

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Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

It comes with a sour aroma that’s why it’s called Cheese. This indica-dominant marijuana hybrid was originally bred in the U.K. in the late 1980s. From that year, it has achieved so much popularity because of its unique flavor and potency. Cheese is a descendant of Skunk #1 from which it got its pungent aroma. […]

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