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Is Marijuana Safe: Reliable Facts and Information

is marijuana safe

The potential healing properties of marijuana, as well as its other components, are subject to scrutiny and divisive debates for many years already. Although marijuana’s THC and CBD, the two main properties of it have proven its healing benefits, the government’s Food and Drug Administration still impose heavy regulations on it.  To help you out, […]

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Does Marijuana Cure Cancer?

does marijuana cure cancer

Cannabis or marijuana is very well known today because of many reasons. It was a favorite for recreational highs as well as for medication. The very reason why this herb eventually became popular is that it can cure certain serious and mild conditions. Does marijuana cure cancer? That’s an interesting question to ask. At this […]

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Can You Be Allergic To Marijuana?

can you be allergic to marijuana

Because everybody’s born unique, a lot of people have been showing various allergies toward certain things including plants. Likewise, the signs and symptoms of such conditions vary, too. It can be mild to severe. As marijuana comes to fame ever since its complete legalization, it’s been part of that long list of allergy-causing elements. Can […]

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