Easy to Grow, Strong and Recommended Marijuana Seeds for Beginners

If you happen to be a marijuana user, then you will understand that one point in your life, you will realize that it is just best to plant your own strains than wait for the delivery of your orders from a retailer. It is a good thing that retailers and breeders in Canada sell marijuana seeds that you can grow at home for your supply of marijuana strains. You don’t have to run out of stocks in a year. Here is a list of the top marijuana seeds recommended for first time growers:

Caramelicious Marijuana Seeds

carameliciousAside from the light but knock out sensation while under the effects of these strains, more users buy marijuana seeds of this type to pacify their sweet tooth.

Taste: It is smoked best in a pure joint as the fruity tang of its flavor travels down the throat.

High: The knock-out feeling may be characterized by frequent smiling and cheerful sensation will start by the eyes starting to feel heavy.

Type: Indica – Sativa

Flowering Period: 8 -9 weeks

Yield: 450 g/m2

Durban Poison Marijuana Seeds

durbanFor beginners who would like cheap marijuana seeds but with the highest intensity as to effects and taste, Durban Poison is a good choice.

Taste: The scorching menthol that is left by your lung during smoking is the mark of having a serious Sativa with you.

High: Alertness and vigor are one of the most common experienced effects that may be paired up by the fast flowing speed of sight.

Type: Mostly Sativa

Flowering Period: 8 -9 weeks

Yield: 350 g/m2

Early Misty Marijuana Seeds

early-misty-crystalsIt is a White Window’s early version and one of the earliest collections of cannabis seeds. Its demands mostly come from Europe and ideal for your balcony.

Taste: Misty and mild with a soft fruity toke.

High: Comfort and numbness are the two sets of combos you can get out of these strains.

Type: Mostly Indica

Flowering Period: 8 -9 weeks

Yield: 400 g/m2

First Girl Marijuana Seeds

first-girlIf you intend to buy marijuana seeds that grow fast, First girl seeds may fit for the term since it grows during the beginning of the season.

High: You can expect for cheap marijuana seeds like these the strong stoned physical effect that at some levels may result to paranoia and hallucinations. However, for medical patients who would like pain relief, this would provide an immediate solution.

Type: Indica – Sativa Mix

Flowering Period: 8 weeks

Yield: 350 g/m2

Misty Marijuana Seeds

misty-photoIf you are a fan of anisette, you would likely to enjoy Misty strains.

Taste: It is rather sweet depending on the time you have harvested it but in either way, you could expect for a cool feeling deep down your throat upon smoking.

High: This is good for depressed or psychologically unstable individuals as it provides an altered state of mind to clear out the brain from anxiety and fear.

Type: Indica – Sativa Mix

Flowering Period: 8 -9 weeks

Yield: 425 g/m2

Purple Power Marijuana Seeds

purple-powerIt is a stable cannabis plant that normally grows well in weather conditions like Holland. After a few weeks of flowering the buds, the purple circles will come out of the stems that may last until harvest the harvest period.

Tastes: It takes like you cinnamon breakfast for some.

High: It is also considered as one of the light-headed effects types of marijuana since you can still enjoy activities like reading, chatting and some routines while in the effects of the cannabis plant. But extreme activities that are done outdoor are discouraged.

Type: Sativa

Flowering Period: 8 Weeks

Yield: 400 g/m2

Skunk Red Hair Marijuana Seeds

skunk-red-hair-photoIts flowering period is quite early yet produces higher yields. It can be distinguished well through its red hair from another cannabis plant.

Taste: Skunk Red strains are like strains coated with sugar with a touch of tangy taste later on that may depict to be of an orange or berries.

High: It goes off to a cerebral high at a maximum rate of fifteen minutes and afterward, the body will relax and gives of brain chemicals to induce sleep for those who require one.

Type: Indica – Sativa Mix

Flowering Period: 8 -9 weeks

Yield: 500 g/m2

Those are just some of the many high quality yet easy to grow marijuana plants for beginners. If you want to learn how to grow your own weed without wasting a lot of your time, money and effort, then you would surely need the Growing Elite Marijuana by Ryan Riley which is a comprehensive guide in growing marijuana in any given growing environment. This book is also called as the Grow Bible.

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