FIM Pruning Technique for Marijuana Plants

In order for you to get bigger yields, it is vital that you know how to prune your cannabis plants properly. Learning how to properly prune your cannabis should not be that difficult if you follow the best guidelines out there. You are required to do your online research to ensure that your plants remain happy and healthy even after you prune them. Understanding how pruning works and what kind of pruning method you need to use is truly necessary. Fortunately, this article will give you tips and useful pieces of advice regarding pruning and what kind of method you need to choose.

It is not good to start pruning your plants without having basic knowledge. Successful pruning starts with doing your homework. It is advisable that you study different kinds of methods and start choosing which one you think is the best for your set up. Keep in mind that you will be able to harvest the best cannabis plants out there with great levels of THC if you do pruning correctly. There are consequences that you will have to pay if you do not do pruning correctly. This is why you have to read blogs, articles, or even books that can give you more ideas and knowledge regarding the best pruning methods.

So What Does FIM or Fimming Means?

If you search on the Internet today, you will discover that one of the most popular and widely used pruning method out there is FIM. FIM, which is an acronym that stands F*ck I Missed, is a pruning method that involves removing some portion of the main stem of your cannabis plants. No one knows who invented this pruning method but some say that such pruning technique was invented by accident. FIM or also known as Fimming promotes multiple main colas. If you want your cannabis plants to become bushier, then FIM is always the right option. By looking at images or video clips on the web, you will notice that FIM method can be quite messy, however, it is proven to be very effective. Its counterpart is called topping.

Many marijuana growers and experts love FIM method because it significantly increases their yields. Aside from giving you the highest yields, FIM also makes your cannabis plants more manageable. FIM indeed offers myriads of benefits that you will definitely enjoy as a marijuana grower. You don’t want to leave your cannabis plants growing without pruning since this can make them look like Christmas tree. The best thing about FIM or fimming your cannabis plants is that it helps them grow 4 main colas. You will notice that marijuana growers who are using FIM method tie these 4 colas, making a flat canopy. The advantage of doing this is that you are going to lower your lights, making most of your cannabis plants to receive a greater amount of light distribution. FIM pruning technique is beneficial since it helps your marijuana or cannabis plants grow wider instead of growing taller. To put it simply, instead of your cannabis plants growing lengthwise, with fimming, you are helping them grow in width. This means that your plants will be able to absorb more light as what we have mentioned before.

Because of this, more and more marijuana growers are learning this method. The good news is we will be giving you guidelines on how to do FIM or fimming. It is our aim to make sure that the instructions or the guidelines are very easy to follow. But before you proceed to the instruction, let us first check other benefits of FIM.

Benefits of FIM Method

  1. FIM is less traumatic and does not give your cannabis plants too much stress. This is because you only need to pinch the newest growth of your cannabis plants. Unlike topping method, you have to totally remove new growth.
  2. Compared to topping method, FIM does not really affect the growth rate of your cannabis plants.
  3. With FIM, you get 4 main colas; topping only gives you 2.
  4. When it comes to increasing the yield of your cannabis plants, FIM is the best option instead of topping.
  5. You can apply fimming to your plants multiple times until you are satisfied with the density of your cannabis or marijuana bush.
  6. And of course, FIM is the favorite of most marijuana growers because such method is very forgiving.

Instruction on How to FIM

  1. You need to learn how to properly punch or snip your cannabis plants. It is really up to you whether you are going to snip it or punch.
  2. It is advisable that you get sterile clippers; make sure that your scissors are sharp and clean as well.
  3. Only remove 75% of the tip of the main shoot of your cannabis plants.
  4. You need to punch the area between the fingertips, this gives you more room for error in case you ‘missed’ it.
  5. Always do fimming during vegetative growth or stage. Keep in mind though that it takes 5-7 days before your cannabis plants recover and develop new growth. Take note that the process can be very messy, but everything is going to be alright.
  6. Your main goal is to give rise to new 4 main colas.

Aside from giving you multitudes of advantages, FIM or fimming is also very easy to do. You don’t have to be an advanced marijuana grower in order for you to do it properly. And even if you mess up a little, remember that FIM method can be very forgiving. If you want to increase your yields, then FIM or fimming is the right method for you. Again, it is vital that you do your study or homework first before you apply FIM pruning method. While it is true that such pruning method can be very forgiving, still, you need to know what you are doing. FIM method is not only fun to do but it also produces great results!