Germinating Weed Seeds in Cup of Water

Germinating Weed Seeds in Cup of Water

Ever considered germinating weed seeds in a cup of water?

If so, then you are on the right track!

Among the multiple ways for successful marijuana seeds germination, something as simple as a cup of fresh water might be all you need to begin your cannabis growing adventure.

Read on to find everything you need to know in order to achieve best results with the germination of those precious pot seeds.

#1 – How does Germinating Weed Seeds in Cup of Water Work?

All seeds, including those, which come from marijuana plants, need a moist environment to trigger the process of germination.

For providing this type of environment, you can use a piece of Rockwool, a cotton pad, cheesecloth, a paper towel, a specialized germination station or simply a glass of water.

Nevertheless, you can also choose to place your seeds directly in the soil and let Mother Nature do the trick for you.

Keep in mind that all of these methods, along with other possible alternatives for seeds germination, have their pros and cons.

But let’s focus on the germination of cannabis seeds in a glass of water now.

First off, this method can work great to help seeds with harder shells sprout easily.

On another note, this is also a suitable approach to a kind of “waking up” or reviving older marijuana seeds.

When you place the seeds in a cup of fresh water, all you have to do is wait for between 24 to 32 hours on an average.

Just remember to take out any unsprouted seeds once the 32 hours period has passed.

Otherwise, you risk exposing the gentle seeds to too much mold which can actually even kill them.

And even if you do make it to the sprouting final by soaking the seeds for more than 32 hours, then keep in mind you might just end up growing disease-susceptible, weak and non-pests resistant plants.

Hope we have a deal on not placing your weed seeds to sprout in water for longer than needed!

Fortunately, there’s nothing too complex to consider, except for using good quality water and throwing in a few weed seeds.

Anyway, there are a few essential tricks you can apply to make the seeds-in-cup germination go smoothly and with highest possible success.

Here is what you need to do, explained in an easy-peasy step-by-step tutorial.

Marijuana Seeds Germination in a Glass of Water: Step by Step Tutorial

1 – Prep a Glass of Water

Choose a glass or cup of water and pour warm but not hot water inside.

Seeds love warmth and moisture. It is these two conditions which make the seeds “believe” springtime has arrived, which results in the sprouting of the tender taproot.

That taproot plays a crucial role in your marijuana plant’s development, so however fragile in appearance, it is a mighty little warrior.

Whether you are going to put the seeds in water anywhere in the morning, noon, or late at night is really of no matter.

2 – Throw the Seeds in the Cup of Water

Once you have poured some nice, slightly warm water, you only need to throw in your chosen seeds.


That’s so simple it almost hurts!

If you want to make sure you have done everything possible to help speed up the germination of your green-princesses-to-be in a cup of water, you can also place a simple incandescent light over them.

Usually, any other light would do but since incandescent bulbs are available in every household, you’d probably find utilizing those as the easiest option.

Just place the light over the cup and let the perfect balance of moisture, pleasant warmness and gentle rays of light do the miracle of germination!

What to do if Seeds don’t Sprout after 32 hours?

It is totally normal to notice just a few of the seeds you placed in water sprout and then the rest left behind.

Then again, this is completely okay. Some seeds will need a bit more time before the taproot cracks the shell.

So don’t give up.

Just take out the unsprouted seeds out of the cup/glass of water at the end of the recommended 32 hours period and place them on a well-soaked paper towel.

Few pieces of cotton, soaked in water, will also work just fine.

Leave those lazy little seeds to germinate for up to 6 more days. If you don’t notice any taproot appear by the end of the 7th day of germination in total, then your seeds were simply poor quality.

Sorry! L

The Bottom Line

Now, at the end of this article, I hope you found out that germinating weed seeds in a cup of water is both super easy and beginner-friendly to accomplish.

Remember that those tiny seeds are already determined to do everything possible to sprout!

The weed-in-cup method is also better for the environment than utilizing Rockwool and also better for you pocket as you don’t need any special equipment.

If you find this article useful, please, don’t just pass by without showing us some support.

Making the culture of easy marijuana growing accessible to more people is our mutual goal but we cannot make it without you, cannabuddies.

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Wish you a happy marijuanaventure and make the most of the green medication.