Get To Know The Reasons To Legalize Marijuana

In most countries, marijuana is illegal because its abuse can lead to addiction. Marijuana believers would want to turn this and legalize it. Read this article to know why.

Marijuana is considered an addictive drug in most countries that is why its possession, cultivation and usage is illegal in those countries. Even if it has medical benefits, they are still not certified to be really effective and there are a lot of researches conducted just to prove that marijuana truly has medical benefits. Although, there are some countries who have legalized marijuana but this is not much compared to those who have not. There are a number of reasons to legalize marijuana that these countries have realized that made them decide to do so. Have some dose of those reasons that will make you think again about the legalization of marijuana.

Reasons to legalize marijuana

  • Although it is illegal, this does not stop people from using it. The government has imposed some penalties when caught with the possession or using marijuana. But many people do not seem to mind these penalties and just go ahead and use it. Also, implementing this law can cost a lot especially in raiding warehouses or houses of people who have it. The manpower in finding all of these would also cost a lot. So legalizing it can lessen the expenses of the government for their campaign against marijuana.
  • Most arrests are mostly pointed to blacks and Hispanics which leads to the assumption that the law enforcement is biased and prejudiced against minorities. If you are in a foreign land, many people would not trust you and even think of you as a drug dealer. For instance in the USA, most arrests are mostly for blacks or Hispanic Americans that are thought to deal marijuana. This is a discrimination because it does not mean they’re black or Hispanic that they already a hidden drug business in a foreign country.
  • Regulating the price and market of marijuana can reduce the sales among teenagers.If marijuana is legalized, there will be a regulation in the price of marijuana. They can be as expensive that minors can’t afford it easily. Since marijuana is still illegal, they can just buy it off street sellers who usually sell it at a very affordable price. Also, just like alcohol and cigarettes, the age at which who can purchase such products is regulated. This can be done with marijuana in order to limit minors from buying marijuana as well.
  • Legalizing marijuana can reduce the flow of money from your country to international drug dealers. If marijuana was to be legalized, smuggling can be reduced considerably. Instead of sending out money to other countries, you can keep it circulated within your country since you can freely sell this merchandise within the country.
  • Marijuana has medical benefits. Other addictive drugs have unknown or no medical benefits at all. This is not true for marijuana since it has proven medical benefits that has been found to be effective.

These are just some of the reasons to legalize marijuana. There could be more to it than just these mentioned reasons. With these reasons though, it can be seen that legalizing marijuana is not a bad idea after all and it has more benefits to do so than not.