Growing Marijuana from Clones

Growing weed indoors offers a lot of advantages in terms of productivity and safety from harsh environmental factors. Growing can either be started from seeds or from clones. The process of taking cuttings from a favored marijuana plant is also called as cloning. It is a popular way of propagating weed plants from a single mother plant and because marijuana cuttings are quick to flower, the total growing time is shortened and harvest is earlier.

What are Clones

Clones are taken from a single healthy mother plant and propagated through asexual reproduction. Taking cuttings is beneficial to the cultivator because it will ensure the sex of the marijuana plants you will be growing. Clones taken from a female mother plant will also grow into all female weed plants under optimal growing conditions.

Cuttings are the exact replica of their mother plant and many growers have chosen this kind of method to have a guarantee of growing female plants holding characteristics and special features like their favorite strain. Unlike growing from pot seeds in which the germination process is necessary, growing marijuana indoors from clones has less total growing time because germination is skipped and clones are quick to flower.

How to Clone

Knowing how to obtain cuttings is one of the most important aspects of cloning.  The best time to get clones is during the vegetative growth of the plant. Although it is also possible to take cuttings during flowering this can take longer for the plants to revert back to the vegetative stage. To take clones, the following tools are necessary: plastic cups, rooting gel, sharp scissors or razor blades and alcohol.

  1. Make sure that all necessary tools are prepared before cloning and this includes sanitation of the working area.
  2. Select a mother plant you want to reproduce. Look for a weed plant that is at least 4 or 5 weeks old.
  3. Using a pair of scissors or a blade, make a 45 degree cut across the stem or branch that is just above the 3rd node down.
  4. Put 5 to 10 marijuana cuttings in a plastic cup filled with water to prevent embolism.

In order for cannabis clones to root faster, provide a support structure and ensure that there is moisture around the roots. Supply a low light to stimulate rooting and make sure there is high humidity to prevent leaves from withering.

Cloning marijuana gives the advantage of growing 100% female plants if taken from a female mother plant and since you do not have to buy pot seeds, it is a cheaper option of growing marijuana. From a single healthy mother plant, there is no limit on how many cuttings you can take. You can even clone from a clone and still have the same characteristics you want to preserve.

One of the drawbacks of growing weed starting from clones is the limit when it comes to the selection of genetics. You may also be growing clones from a strain that is not highly potent and is not tough enough to resist pests and other plant diseases common to affect if you grow cannabis indoors.

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