Growing Marijuana Indoors with Screen of Green Method

The Screen of Green method for growing marijuana indoors is a productive system suitable for growers who have a limited vertical space. This type of system makes use of a horizontal screen and is a good choice if you plan to grow weed in an old fridge, cabinet and home-built grows box or tent. In SCROG, you only have to attend a few numbers of marijuana plants but still get a productive yield. A horizontal screen which can either be a garden trellis or hemp rope is placed above so the weed plants are trained to grow on the screen and spread their tops to encourage bud production along the neglected branch stems.

To grow cannabis in SCROG can maximize even smaller artificial light source in stealth grows. For small stealth grows, CFL grow lights and LED lamps are the artificial light sources that can work well in this kind of growing system. The flat circle below the bulb is considered as the most productive space when the high-intensity discharge lamp is used because this type of light emits lots of heat just like high-pressure sodium lamps.

How to Grow Pot Indoors Using the SCROG (Screen of Green) Method

SCROG MethodCultivating cannabis indoors in SCROG system uses a screen with a size based on the number of marijuana plants you plan to grow and for how long you plan to let your marijuana plants vegetate before you switch the light and dark cycle into 12/12. Choose a screen that is strong enough to hold the branches. You can use either a garden or poultry netting. The holes in the screen should be about 5 cm. square.

A large screen can be used, depending on the space available and time you will let your plants vegetate. Allow the weed plants to fill the screen. The vegetative phase may take longer but a bigger harvest is ensured. To grow weed indoors in SCROG, place the screen about 20cm to 30cm above the growing pot or medium. In fitting the screen, there should be an adequate space for your hands to work underneath. Proper spacing between the screen and the growing pot will allow the cannabis plants to branch very well.

When you notice that the tops of the marijuana plants are growing up through the screen, tuck them back below the screen so the plants can be trained to grow outwards and across the screen. Cultivating cannabis in Screen of Green is not the same as growing marijuana indoors in a Sea of Green method. SCROG works very well if vertical space is limited indoors or you want to get average to high yield but don’t want to grow several cannabis plants.

The right time to induce pot flowering in Screen of Green system is when 40% to 60% of the horizontal screen is already covered with leaves. Please note that the right time to induce flowering will depend on several factors. Consider the type of strain you are growing because there are marijuana strains that tend to stretch more so they need more time and more room to flower. How to grow pot indoors in SCROG is made easier and successful with proper branching as this is the crucial part of the SCROG process.