High Times Best Nutrients for Marijuana

High Times Best Nutrients for Marijuana

Your cannabis plants will easily thrive and flourish when you take proper care of their needs.

Feeding essential nutrients will help to nurture the hungry buds during flowering.

When it comes to vegetation, your cannabeauties will enjoy quick and healthy growth with the right nutes.

Whether you are growing in soil or using hydroponics, the high times best nutrients for marijuana will boost your yields and assist you to avoid weak, prone to disease plants in your indoor or outdoor cannabis garden.

#1 – Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow

Advanced Nutrients Bloom definitely deserves the top spot in High Times best nutrients for marijuana category!

It works perfectly well for traditional or hydroponic growing, as well as soilless growing in Coco Coir.

You will quickly fall in love with the quality of the ingredients, which shows in the way your cannabeauties flourish.

This product is great for beginners, and especially since it aims to provide you with a solution to balancing pH levels of the growing medium.

Nevertheless, Advanced Nutrients have been one of the top favorite and much-recommended choices among experienced cannabis cultivators for a long time.

For best results, mix all 3 products together and simply add them while you are watering your green princesses.

Yep, that means you can pretty much use the Advanced Nutrients Bloom much more often than most nutes without concerns of nutrient burn.

However, once a week application can also work just fine.

Amazing product for its innovative formulation focused on helping plants absorb every bit of nutrient better.

The only problem we find with this trio is the somewhat messy instructions; but for the awesome quality, we forgive the manufacturers and hope they will come up with a better instruction list in future.

#2 – Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula

Although hitting the second spot, Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio is an excellent choice for both newbie and seasoned cannabisseurs.

The main reason it ended up in the second position is due to being suitable only for growing marijuana in soil.

With the application of this triple power formulation, you absolutely only need some good soil and pH testers to just lay back and enjoy your marijuanaventure.

Excellent and fast-acting for treating nutrient deficiencies, you should be careful not to overfeed your plants with the Fox Farm Liquid Nutrients, though.

As long as you stick to the provided instructions, you will face 0 concerns with excess nutrients. Just be mindful of it and stay away from overdoing the whole thing.

Apart from that minor concern, you will notice your green babes growing healthy and strong with each day.

We love that a single kit is just enough to suit all our plants’ needs from vegetation to flowering.

Roots Organics Buddha Bloom Fertilizer is a product which got our teams’ hands down.

We highly support organic farming, and this fertilizer comes with a blend of only 100% natural ingredients.

Unfortunately, it is designed to be used only for soil growing, so those of you who are growing hydro cannot take advantage of this fantastic liquid nutrient solution.

On another note, it’s a bit sad that we found no promo combo of both the Buddha’s Bloom and Grow fertilizers.

With this in mind, you don’t really get your full nutrient kit assembled by opting for the Roots Organics Buddha Bloom Fertilizer.

But on the other hand, you might just find this to suit your needs if you are utilizing other organic fertilizers during vegetation.

The NPK ratio goes within a perfectly balanced 0.5-2-1 formula.

As the product is solely organic, you have a wide room to experiment by feeding your plants less or more, with fewer concerns about nutrient burns.

The only thing we dislike is the fact that the manufacturers haven’t really added the much-needed Epsom salt to help the plants take up the most out of the delicious nutrients.

So you simply need to add about a tablespoon of Epsom salt per gallon of water on your own twice a month (every 2 weeks) while your plants are in flowering.

Bonus Product #4 – Vegamatrix Starter Kit

A wonderful starter kit which has everything from A to Z (or from seed to harvest). This leaves no room for anything else but to watch your green beauties thrive.

The major disadvantage of this product is that it is only suited for small-scale marijuana growing.

If you are planning to grow multiple plants, then this kit won’t be the best choice for you, or at least it will be rather pricey.

On another note, Vegamatrix Starter Kit is suitable for both hydro and traditional soil growing, so it’s a win-win regardless of the method you prefer.

We give Vegamatrix huge kudos on the fusion of only veganic, organic ingredients.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, if we had to pick just one single product to head the high times best nutrients, our number one spot winner would be no other than Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow.

When it comes to marijuana flowers and nutrients, remember one golden rule, straight from the pro-cannabis growers’ kitchen!

Start small and always build your way up gradually.J