How Hydroponics System Works

In a hydro system, marijuana plants are grown in a soilless medium. Aside from the genetic factors, having the full control on the growing environment will make a big difference in the quality of the buds and amount of yield. How to grow pot in hydroponics is quite complicated compared to the traditional soil growing. Though you do not need to be an expert in weed growing to make this system work out, having an experience in marijuana growing is vital. It is not recommended for new growers because it is more difficult to set up and has lesser room for growers’ mistakes.

Cannabis plants will not just grow in soil. Cultivating marijuana in hydroponics simply means growing the plants in a sterile and inert growing medium. The medium used for this set up is usually a combination of either of these: vermiculite, lava rocks, rockwool cubes, perlite, coco coir, hydroton clay pebbles and peat moss. In a soilless medium such as growing in hydro, the nutrients, oxygen and water are directly introduced to the roots of the plants. Thus, faster and healthier growth can be expected.

How to Get Started?

In how to grow marijuana plants in a hydro system, know what types of mediums are best for this kind of set up. For most growers, it appears to be complicated but knowing the basics on how to grow cannabis in a soilless medium will help you understand how it really works and how to get it started. First, know what are the advantages and disadvantages of hydroponics. Know the different hydroponic marijuana systems available and choose a growing medium. Also, know how to maintain and clean the growing system. Other factors that need attention are: grow room humidity, nutrient solution, atmospheric requirements, air circulation, pH of the medium and the nutrient solution, temperature, kind of artificial light, light cycles, light coverage and light reflection.

In choosing a hydro system, consider these factors:

Size of the grow area

Time and budget

timeLevel of growing experience


The Advantages of Growing in Hydroponics Over Soil- What are These?

Even if it’s more expensive than soil growing, hydroponic marijuana growing is preferred by many because it will allow faster growing time and bigger yield of quality buds. It works by supplying oxygen and nutrients directly to the roots of the cannabis plants, resulting into a faster growth and healthier plants producing great harvest. Growing in soil is a cheaper way and has been a choice of many because of its accessibility and ease of use. However, growing pot in a hydro set up is found to offer several advantages over this soil medium. In hydro, you have the control over the nutrients. The marijuana plants will also not go short of oxygen since O2 is directly supplied to the roots of the plants.

In hydroponics, you can grow healthy cannabis plants because soil-borne diseases are not experienced. Several plants can also be grown at once because hydroponics requires only a little space.

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