How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Using the proper method of germinating the marijuana seeds will help ensure growers with a high rate of germination. Among the most common and effective methods of germinating seeds are the soaking method, paper towel method, germinating seeds directly in soil and germination with the use of propagation kits.

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Different Germination Methods:

There are different methods in Germinating marijuana seeds. Any of the methods will work if done correctly. So, here are the steps on how to do them. Just select which one works for you and master it.

Soaking Method

The soaking method in germinating cannabis seeds is one of the simplest ways of germinating pot seeds. This method requires a few simple steps but is found to be an effective way of allowing the seeds to fully germinate.

How to do it:

Step 1: Place the marijuana seeds in a glass or cup of distilled water for 2 to 4 days but for some marijuana seed strains, the germination process may take a little longer, up to 10 days or more.Note: In a day or two, you will notice some cracks in the hard seed casing. During this time (about 24 to 48 hours), the tap roots will begin to come out.

Step 2: If you see some marijuana seeds that float on the water, tap them gently so they would sink to the bottom of the glass. Please note that viable seeds will usually sink at the bottom while non-viable pot seeds usually float on top.

Step 3: Cover the glass of water containing the pot seeds with a plate made of ceramics to prevent light from coming in and to keep the heat off.

Step 4: Allow the pot seeds to germinate well by storing the glass or cup in a dark and warm room. Do not allow any amount of light to touch the seeds during the germination process. Once all cannabis seeds have fully sprouted, they are now ready to be transplanted in your preferred growing medium. Keep in mind that length of germination can vary with the kind of marijuana seeds.

Paper Towel Method

This seed germination method is used by expert and new growers because of its high success rate. This effective and popular method of germinating pot seeds requires the use of paper towels moistened with water.

How to do it:

Step 1: Soak the marijuana seeds in a glass of water (preferably distilled water) for one day and get kitchen-type paper towels. Moisten the paper towels thoroughly but not too much to cause dripping of water.

Step 2: Get one plate and put 2 sheets of moistened paper towels on it. To moisten the kitchen-type paper towels, use distilled water and drain any water in excess (Note: Use distilled water to avoid contamination but if you will be using tap water, make sure to let it stand on the container for 24 hours before using it)

Step 3: Place the cannabis seeds in the middle of the moistened paper towels. Cover the seeds with another 2 sheets of wet paper towels and another plate on top.

Step 4: Place the plate containing the pot seeds to be germinated in a warm and dark area. See to it that seeds will not be exposed to direct sunlight during the process. (Note: the ideal temperature of the room where you will place the seeds should be around 21 to 28 degrees Celsius).

Step 5: Check the pot seeds every day and make sure the seeds and the paper towels never dry out. Taproots will start to come out in 5 to 6 days and even longer, depending on the strain.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds in Soil

This is said to be the easiest method of germinating pot seeds since this process only involves a little preparation. However, the success of the germination can differ depending on the quality of the soil you are using. This method can be simply done but the failure rate is quite high compared to other seed germination techniques. This kind of seed germination method also brings the advantage of not hurting or damaging the tap roots of the seedlings when you transfer them in a medium.

How to do it:

Step 1: Get a good quality soil that is pest and disease-free and used it as a medium. Moisten the soil but do not flood it with water. Create holes and place the pot seeds in the holes at half an inch deep. (Note: position the seeds with the pointed end up in the soil)

Step 2: Regularly water the soil medium and never let it dry. You may water the soil until the water runs at the bottom of the pot. Keep the pot in a room with a temperature of approximately 26 degrees Celsius or 78 degrees Fahrenheit. (Note: to avoid flooding the soil, you can use a sprayer to moisten the soil and the marijuana seeds)

Step 3: Spray the soil with water and you will see the cannabis seeds sprouting in 5 to 7 days or longer. Please note that the length of the germination process can differ with strains.

Seed Germination Using Propagation Kits

This method of germinating pot seeds is making use of a clone or a seed propagator. Propagation kits are quite similar to smaller greenhouses and some may even look like a miniature greenhouse. These small units are simple to operate and are easy to use. With the use of propagation kits, the chances of germination success rate of the pot seeds are high.

A lot of growers are germinating their seeds using propagation kits because of the very high success rate. This may cost you money compared to other seed germination methods because you still have to buy Rockwool cubes, germinating hormone and tray but you can be assured that your seeds will fully sprout and not be wasted. It will help ensure a perfect germination of the marijuana seeds.

How to do it:

Step 1: Place the Rockwool cubes in the tray slots. At the bottom of the tray, you can pour water or it is best if you pour a germinating hormone to ensure high success in germination.

Step 2: Place the marijuana seeds in the tiny holes in the Rockwool cubes. Once all the seeds have been properly positioned on the Rockwool cubes, you can already put back the cover of the unit.

Step 3: Check on the cannabis seeds regularly and expect them to sprout in just a few days. In this kind of method, most often all pot seeds will likely to sprout.

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