Grow Marijuana Indoors using Sea of Green Method

Sea of Green is a method of growing cannabis indoors for fast production of buds. This type of method involves growing several small weed plants that mature faster. The plants are forced into the flowering period after 2 weeks of the vegetative stage, so harvesting of buds can be done weeks earlier than allowing the marijuana plants to finish full vegetative and flowering periods. There is lesser time required between crops if you grow weed indoors using the SOG set-up.

How to do the Sea of Green Method?

You do not need to be an expert to know how to grow weed indoors in SOG set-up. Knowing and understanding how the Sea of Green method is carried out will make the pot growing process simple and easy. It is actually one of the easiest methods of growing pot because there is no need to train or prune the plants during fast vegetative growth.

  • Germinating the marijuana seeds is necessary, unless you decide to start growing from clones.
  • When all cannabis seeds have sprouted, allow the seedlings to reach until a few inches tall before transferring them to the grow medium preferred.
  • For soil growing, plant the young weed plants at least half an inch deep into the soil. Distance should be around 1 plant per square foot.
  • After 2 weeks of the vegetative growth, induce flowering  by switching light and dark hours by 12/12.
  •  Trimming may be necessary when buds are too heavy and forming near branches.

Why Grow Cannabis Indoors in SOG Method- The Reasons

Growing Marijuana Indoors

For an efficient way how to cultivate marijuana in an indoor garden even if space is limited, use the SOG system. With this method, yield of each plant is low but the total amount of harvest is greater per square meter. There are more harvests each year because the cannabis plants are induced to flower early. The Sea of Green method is very useful if you have several marijuana cuttings you would like to grow all at the same time but space is restricted.

Not all strains are suitable for Sea of Green method of cultivating marijuana indoors. Indica varieties are recommended for this type of growing set-up because indicas are known for their small and short stature. There are also sativa strains that can grow well in SOG. However, sativas tend to stretch too much especially during vegetation so they may not fully benefit with Sea of Green method. Among the strains best to grow in SOG system are Kush strains, Northern Lights, Buddha Red Dwarf auto flowering feminized and other indica types.

Sea of Green system of growing weed will allow you to harvest the top of the weed plants and trim the bottom branches to increase the flow of air. The cuttings obtained while trimming the lower branches can be used as clones since these cuttings are easy to regenerate after the flowering time. Grow marijuana indoors in Sea of Green so you can cultivate several small cannabis plants that are forced to flower for an early harvest time.