Is Marijuana An Opiate: Facts Straight From Experts

is marijuana an opiate

There’s a lot of terms used for marijuana such as weed, herb, grass, ganja, Mary Jane, bud, and a lot more slang. There are many ways to consume this plant. You can smoke it in a roll, joint, blunt, or bong. It is also added to edibles and it is made into hash and concentrate. […]

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Can You Eat Marijuana: Understanding its Effects

can you eat marijuana

Marijuana or popularly known as weed is usually dried up using its seeds, leaves, flowers, as well as stems before it can be consumed either through smoking and manufactured products. You can either choose between two strains, the Sativa or the Indica which both have different effects.  Marijuana is a very popular substance around the […]

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Is Marijuana Safe: Reliable Facts and Information

is marijuana safe

The potential healing properties of marijuana, as well as its other components, are subject to scrutiny and divisive debates for many years already. Although marijuana’s THC and CBD, the two main properties of it have proven its healing benefits, the government’s Food and Drug Administration still impose heavy regulations on it.  To help you out, […]

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