How to Increase THC Levels in Cannabis

How to Increase THC Levels in Cannabis

Are you ready to learn how to increase THC levels in cannabis like a pro?

If so, then you are more than welcome on board!

Whatever the reason which leads you into reading these lines, I bet you will find a little something to help you boost your level of experience as a marijuana grower.

After all, I don’t really think there is a single cannabisseur out there who wouldn’t benefit from knowing how to increase THC levels.

Sorry, I mean The Notorious THC levels. J

Let’s get straight to the top 5 expert tips we have compiled, bud buddies.

Choose the Right Seeds

No matter how many times you’ve heard this painfully well-known rule, it doesn’t get out-of-date.

Opting for high-quality seeds is how you will lay the groundings of your successful high-THC yields.

Everything starts from, by, and in the seed.

It is the seed’s genetics that will pave the way to healthy, strong marijuana plants. Healthy plants will give off sparkling, generously THC-coated buds.

Don’t forget that the strain you choose will also play a key role in the levels of THC you can expect.

Don’t spare your efforts when conducting your research for picking a suitable strain.

You want a strain which will suit your needs, as well as experience so that you can be able to grow it with ease.

Make the Light Work in your Favor

I bet you know very well that abundant, quality light = more of the juicy, sugar-coated buds.

But how about UV light?

Yeah, exactly the type of light we, human beings, need to avoid, is actually hiding the power to increase THC in marijuana plants.

Scientifically, experts have found out that the most potent of all strains, whether it comes to Indica or Sativa varieties growing in the wild, are the ones, which get the biggest amount of UV light.

Trichomes refer to the anatomical part of your green beauties where most THC is stored.

When exposed to UV light during the last stages of flowering, trichomes exhibit a defense mechanism.

In order to protect the plant, more trichomes are produced. As a result, we get more of the yummy, sticky resin.

There are suitable and easy to use UV lights you will find widely available. But remember, you’re going to need these ONLY during the last stages of flowering.

Limit Co2 during the Last Stages of Flowering

Co2 is an essential part of nurturing your green beauties to help them convert more light into energy for feeding the fat buds.

During the last stages of flowering, though, your cannabeauties do not need that much of Co2 anymore.

When you decrease the levels of Co2 in your grow room, you will force the plants to produce more Ethylene.

In nature, Ethylene is intertwined with the ripening of various fruits.

Your cannabis plants will use ethylene just like a banana tree will; it is just that your cannababes will utilize ethylene to boost the trichomes production in the buds since buds are their fruits.

Ultimately, more ethylene in the final stage of flowering will ensure higher amounts of THC.

Stress & Progress

It is often the case that we, marijuana growers, need to outsmart our green beauties.

To boost the THC production, you can trick your plants to do so by causing them mild stress.

As soon as you decrease the Co2 levels in your grow room (that means the final week or so of flowering), do lower the temperature as well. You only need to lower it with about 5 Celsius (41 Fahrenheit), as not to get the opposite effect of what you are aiming for.

As a result, your plants will think winter is just around the corner. Subsequently, while searching for a way to defend their flowers (the beautiful buds), your marijuana plants will speed up and increase the production of trichomes.

Another trick you can play on your emerald goddesses is to decrease humidity. Do not play out of the recommended average humidity levels, according to your plants’ stage of development.

Be gentle when applying stress techniques for increasing THC, as stress can be both positive and negative.

Decreasing the humidity triggers (then again) the defense mechanisms of your green princesses.

When under the threat of being left thirsty, your marijuana plants will boost the THC production, as the trichomes also serve as a thin protective film against harsh conditions, such as dry air.

More THC? Oh, yes, please!

Know when to Harvest (and How to Cure)

Timely harvesting and proper curing of your green medication are like taking the final exam at the end of each marijuana growing adventure.

While you might just feel passing with a C would still do, it is an A that we are going after when searching for ways to increase THC production.

Monitor your marijuana plants closely during the last weeks of flowering and examine carefully the color of the trichomes by using a magnifying glass.

When more than 70% of the trichomes have turned creamy, milky white, opposed to clear, transparent in color, you know it’s time to harvest.

Both harvesting too early or too later on will decrease the THC potency, so you want to be accurate.

Curing, although often underestimated, will also help to keep the maximum THC potency intact.

Are you already bursting with anticipation to apply those simple tricks to your next marijuana growing mission? Ultimately, I think the quest is not how to increase THC levels but it is all up to your desire to do so. Increasing THC levels is an entirely beginner-friendly process, as long as you are determined to stay committed to your green beauties.

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