Tips on How To Make Cannabis Vape Oil

how to make cannabis vape oil

Vaping is a very popular way of administering cannabis. It is clean, handy, and easy to use. But what is also popular now is producing your cannabis vape oil. There are many ways, ingredients, and methods but we’re going to provide you some tips and methods here. We will show you how to make cannabis vape oil.

Long-term Cannabis Vape Oil Making: Vegetable Glycerin

Regarding the supplies you will need to produce your THC vape oil, it just depends on the exact process you’ll use. In essence, this process entails ground raw THC-high cannabis buds and saturating them with vegetable glycerin (food-grade), and making it settle for three long months with weekly — sometimes, daily — stirring or straining. Not a usual approach gave the time it requires, but it’s basic and impossible to screw up.

Materials to use on this method:

  • Cannabis buds. 3.5 grams of cannabis produces vape oil for around 30 ml to 60 ml. (You might want to use high-grade weed concentrate like shatter, BHO wax, etc. to create a stronger e-liquid).
  • Food-grade vegetable glycerin (pure USP)  
  • Oven
  • Baking Sheet (Pyrex bowl for the oven)
  • Aluminum foil
  • 2 pcs. of tight-sealing mason jars  
  • Stirrer
  • Mesh strainer
  • Rubber spatula (should fit inside your mesh strainer)
  • Muslin bag or cheesecloth
  • Freezer

First, you have to grind your raw weed buds.  We do not advise using a grinder because when you make your weed too fine, much of it will not be filtered out during the refinement process and you will be getting ground-up weed in your finished cannabis oil product. Break up the bigger nuggets with your fingers until they’re uniformly broken up.  

Steps on How to Make Cannabis Vape Oil:

1. Hand-break the raw weed into smaller bits.

2. Cover the baking sheet or Pyrex bowl with foil and scatter the buds over the sheet.

3. Put the sheet or bowl into your oven at 121 degrees Celsius or 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Decarboxylation will occur in this very important stage, turning THCA contained in the fresh buds into the psychoactive compound THC.

4. Then, take these buds out of your oven. Cool them down for several minutes.

5. Put the buds inside the mason jar and add enough VG (vegetable glycerine) over them until it saturates all the buds. You don’t want to pour out too much glycerine because the final result will get super diluted, having almost zero psychoactive effects. Putting the proper amount of glycerine results in a clumpy, gooey, thick mixture that can be stirred easily but not that watery.

6. Continue stirring for several minutes and seal with a lid. Mark the day, month, and year. Let this mixture sit for a month in a cool, dark, safe, dry spot.

7. After about a month (1st month), get back with the mason jar, open it, and stir the mixture up thoroughly. Then, add fresh vegetable glycerine (about 1 tablespoon) to continue the extraction of THC. Stir the mixture up again. Set the mason jar aside in the same safe and dark location for the same time.

8. Repeat this process, putting in another fresh vegetable glycerine. Return it to the same cool, dry place for another month (2nd month). Tip: the more you mix this up, do it every day if you can,  the better the result.

9. After this last and third month, get the mason jar and stir the mixture up nicely using a stirrer. After stirring, put the wire mesh filter or strainer over another mason jar and pour the cannabis and VB mix into the filter or strainer. Through this small strainer, let the vegetable glycerine drip. You can use a rubber spatula and squeeze the residual liquid out of the strainer as much as possible.

10. Remove the raw weed material, wash your wire strainer, and cover it with around 4 layers of cotton muslin container or cheesecloth.

11. Filter the mixture again onto the muslin container or cheesecloth that is over a new, clean mason jar.

12. Lastly, as much as you could, squeeze any leftover liquid out of the cheesecloth. You should see a clean vegetable glycerine liquid enriched with THC.

Perform proper Decarboxylation

The tips on how to make cannabis oil are somehow easy. One point we are stressing is the importance of heat level or temperature across all the steps requiring heat. Although the process itself may sound easy and clear enough, you must pay careful attention to ensure that the temperatures are not high enough that they burn off essential cannabinoids and terpenes. Failure to maintain the right temperatures will result in a nasty, worthless marijuana concentrate oil.

You will recall that we performed the “baking” process using the oven. The heat should be around 250 degrees Fahrenheit and for around 25 to 30 minutes. This should produce excellent decarboxylation (THCA conversion to THC and other cannabinoids as well) without canceling or destroying the cannabis compounds, terpenes, or flavonoids.

Exposing cannabis around 220 to 280 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes to an hour is the most effective way to decarboxylate. Temperatures exceeding around 300 degrees Fahrenheit can break down all cannabinoid compounds and terpenes, leaving you with worthless, nasty-tasting cannabis oil.

Conclusion and Final Reflections

As stated, if possible, we suggest buying (one made particularly for vaping) a THC cannabis oil from a proven, reliable cannabis dispensary. In that way, what you are going to have is quality and healthy weed oil, and you are not going to risk losing any decent weeds or injuring yourself in the process.

Within every society, community, or family, there is mutual recognition of standards. They are popular, safe, rules, commands, guides, and acceptable ones. Sadly, many people interpret this recognition of standards (or sometimes, singular standard) as a submission to be careless. This can happen to every cannabis fan, especially those who will not do the proper steps.

Of course, whether you produce your own cannabis vape oil with this process or similar ones not mentioned here, all of them are still better, healthier, and safer cannabis experience than the vape oils or e-liquids found in cannabis smoke shops that usually contain traces of nicotine. Since you now know how to make cannabis vape oil, your cannabis life will be even more satisfying and personal than before.