Hydro System and Hydro Supply for Sale

Hydro System and Hydro Supply for Sale

A lot of people may not be too familiar with the various methods of growing cannabis. Basically, when you are growing your own cannabis, you need to consider that the principles and basics applied in basic gardening is also the same basics and principles applied when you are growing your own cannabis in an indoor environment.

In a marijuana hydroponics system, there is the likelihood and the high tendency that the marijuana plant is capable to absorb a lot of vitamins and minerals in an inorganic ions found in water. This can be best expressed through the indoor growing that most growers are now using for their marijuana harvest.

Basically, what we now know as weed hydro system is defined as a sub category of the hydro culture. Hydro culture, by the way is the type of method that is being grown in a soilless condition. This hydroponics way of growing is a method in which the plants that are being grown are particularly using nutrients found in mineral solutions with the utilization of soil. While it is true that marijuana mode of growing would usually require the need of mineral nutrients found in soil, there are also some inert medium that would prevail the survival of the cannabis plant without the use of soil such as gravel, bio char, mineral wool or expanded clay pebbles which can be better facilitated through hydroponics. It should be known then that the hydroponics method have already been considered as an acceptable technique that is widely and prevalently used in research in biology and also for teaching modules.

In the weed hydro system, it is also important to note that this is not the only soilless system that most growers should know of. However, what sets this mode of growing apart from the rest is that the solutions in mineral nutrients found only in hydroponics. Knowing this, it is also vital to be able to fully understand the risks and benefits involved through the hydroponics growing. The following will guide you as to learn to know more about hydroponics. To be in particular, one has to be been in knowing the specific advantages and disadvantages in indoor growing. It would indeed help to know the pros and cons of this prior to its full execution.

Advantages of Hydroponics

The marijuana hydroponics system has the following advantages and one should be aware on each of these.

  • Cannabis plant can be grown anywhere

Given that it can be an outdoor setting, the sky is the limit as to the location of the plant as long as height requirements are met.

  • It is not involve overconsumption of water

Contrary to popular belief, weed hydro system only uses 1/20th of the water which is very minimal as compared to the conventional soil based approach in gardening

  • It does not require fertilizers or other chemicals

What the hydroponics system does is that it gives the cannabis plant a very sterile and suitable condition for growing. This means that there is no need for the grower to maintain various forms of insecticides, chemicals or pesticides since there is no chance the damage would be brought about through diseases or pests that are borne from soil.

  • It grows much faster

With the hydroponics system, the cannabis grows two times faster as compared to the conventional growing. With the use of the marijuana hydro supplies, there is a fast growing of the cannabis plant given that all conditions are met when it comes to hydroponics growing.

  • It does not occupy much space.

With the soil based form of growing, one has to occupy more space which is about 20% more as compared to the hydroponics system of growing.

  • High quality of marijuana harvest

One only has to use the marijuana hydro supplies and one would be able to have a high quality type of harvest as compared to the soil method of growing. It is because in marijuana hydroponics system, there is no need to worry about the degradation of the plant due to the concentration of calcium proportion together with other substances such as potassium and phosphorus. In fact, water here can be used for a lot of times thus this will also lead to the smart preservation of water.

Disadvantages of Hydroponics

The following are your ideal grow rooms for you to choose from.

  • There is limited production

Consider that this is an indoor growing, there is a limited production due to the limited amount of space.

  • It is expensive

The initial cost in order to set up a grow room or a grow box may be very expensive depending on the type of grow room that you will be establishing. In the marijuana hydroponics system, the cost to even establish a grow tent may range up to  more than $1,000 and that is only the average.

  • Disease in plants are highly contagious

The  marijuana hydro supplies cannot prevent the rapid deterioration of the cannabis plant given the fact that diseases travel faster through water, should there be any.

Systems used:

  • Drip System

This is the most common system ever used in weed hydro system. This involves the dripping of nutrient solutions on the roots of the plant in order to keep them always hydrated.

  • EBB-Flow

This is considered to be the Flood and Drain system. It is also one of the most popular as it involves the flooding of the root of the plants with a solution filled with nutrients on a periodic basis.

  • Nutrient Film Technique

This involves the cascading of the nutrient solution, which is quite shallow in nature, through the use of tubing.

  • Water Culture

A water culture is one of the simplest marijuana hydroponics system as the said cannabis plant is being suspended in a basket where the nutrient solution is being found below in the reservoir.

  • Aeroponics

This type of system actually makes use of the marijuana hydro supplies that allows the roots of the cannabis to hang in mid air in order to make the most of the amount of oxygen to be absorbed.

Tools used:

The following are the important tools needed in a weed hydro system. It should be known that these marijuana hydro supplies are considered to be important tools necessary in hydroponics.

  • Plastic tray

This should serve as the container to hold the weight of the marijuana plant together with the nutrient solution.

  • Support Structure

This can be in the form of a table in which the plastic tray will be placed on.

  • Container

This would serve as the reservoir which may be in the form of an aquarium or storage container.

  • Aquarium pump

This would allow the pumping of 132 gallons on an hourly basis.

  • Plant containers

This must have holes in which drainage would be able to take place.

  • Growing medium

This is the actual element in which the growing of the cannabis should take place.

  • Drainage tubing

This is like a pathway or a segway in which water may be passed through to the cannabis plant.

  • A Timer

This would allow the continuous monitoring of the nutrients to be absorbed by the marijuana plant.

  • Marijuana seeds
  • Nutrient solutions

These are the actual sources of the nutrients for the cannabis.

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