Indoor SCROG Setup for Growing Weed

Indoor SCROG Setup for Growing Weed

In growing marijuana indoors, there are different ways to optimize the growth of the plants and maximize their yield. These ways are known and widely practiced by many growers since they are found to be effective in the overall growth of the plants.

One of these ways is the SCROG method. This method has been famous by many growers since it is one of the most effective ways in this field. However, basic information and idea on how to do it carefully is also a must. With this, to help you start your indoor SCROG set-up, take some time to read this article.

What is SCROG?

SCROG or Screen of Green method is a type of growing weeds in which you’ll need to use a wire mesh or a net in order to control the growing height of the plants.

Scrogging is the action or the training of marijuana plants in the means of SCROG method. This is a known set-up for many growers both novice and enthusiast since it is one of the most effective and safe ways to maximize your yield.

The advantages and disadvantages of SCROG

Just like anything else, SCROG is not a perfect way of controlling the growth of the weed plants. While scrogging has many benefits, it has also downsides which every grower must understand.

When talking about the advantages of choosing SCROG over other methods, SCROG will enable you to lower your investment with seeds and cutting. This is method is space saving as well since you can use 5 plants in one set-up as a maximum. Aside from that, the SCROG method will simplify the maintenance as well as the operating process of growing weeds. The fact that you can use several plants in one set-up, the control will also become one of these plants.

On the other hand, SCROG method has many disadvantages as well. One of it is the fact that sativa strains are most suitable with this method. Another disadvantage is the need to install a bamboo trellis. Though SCROG method will simplify the operation process, it will also take time and patience when it comes to the process of setting up.

Setting up for SCROG method

Making your set-up good enough in SCROG method is an important thing. This will make the whole process run smoothly thus makes your growing process better. To start it off, you need certain materials to use. The following are the types of screen materials you can use. Always put in mind that all these screen materials will work out well, however, you must choose the one which will not just provide comfort with your plants but also convenient in your side as a grower.



The string is a good choice to use when it comes to SCROG method. Lacing it up is so easy with string and removing it during the harvest season is not a difficult task as well.

Hemp cord or twine

The use of hemp cord or twine as a screen material is good enough as well. In fact, it works the same as the string. However, its downside is that this screen material will likely take hairs when you rub with the buds.

Plastic fencing

Choosing plastic fence is also a good choice. It works effectively with your marijuana plants once set-up. Its only flaw is that it will look sloppy after setting up.

Fishing line or chicken wire

Though choosing either fishing line or chicken wire will do for the SCROG method, many growers consider it as not a good choice. This is because these screen materials will let the buds grow in them. In the long process, this will provide an inconvenience to the part of the grower.

The set-up process

Setting up the Screen of Green method is just an easy task. In fact, with its ease, it can be guaranteed that everyone can do it properly.

To start the process, make sure that you already had a frame for the scrogging. You can use your DIY frame through of lumber. Measure it out and make squares inside the frame which have a measurement of about 2 x 1 or 2 x 3.

Once you are done with making the frame, the next part is the process of mounting. You can actually mount the frame easily and by your own but bear in mind that it will do better if the height can be adjusted. In mounting your frame, always put in mind that your weed plants will grow comfortably in there.

The idea behind the concept of SCROG is to build more budding site of your weeds. With this, while your plants are growing, you may remove those big fans of leaves and in order to let your cannabis absorb more energy. However, you must also put in mind that in order for the plants to grow properly, it needs a lot of energy as well. This is why; you must also avoid removing leaves too much.