Is Marijuana Safe: Reliable Facts and Information

is marijuana safe

The potential healing properties of marijuana, as well as its other components, are subject to scrutiny and divisive debates for many years already. Although marijuana’s THC and CBD, the two main properties of it have proven its healing benefits, the government’s Food and Drug Administration still impose heavy regulations on it. 

To help you out, we’ve come up with our post billed “Is Marijuana Safe: Reliable Facts and Information” to provide you a clearer understanding of this important matter to end the stigma surrounding marijuana. 

Currently, the US has several marijuana-based medicines that are now being manufactured mainstream and benefit millions of Americans. However, the success is far from over since not all states in the US are keen on fully legalizing marijuana because of safety issues. So, is marijuana safe or not? Let’s find out together by reading this entire post. 

Currently, marijuana is manufactured as a medicine to treat people with cancer and people with epilepsy. To find out more, we listed down some useful facts to prove that marijuana is safe to use. 

1. Effective in managing pain and discomfort

Marijuana’s cannabinoids are known to help reduce the pain in your body by disrupting the pathways of your pain perception in your brain. Because of this, marijuana is very helpful to help people with different conditions that are caused by chronic pain like endometriosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, and migraine. This also helps people undergoing chemotherapy by reducing the ill effects of it and even improves their appetite. 

There are even proven effective cases that marijuana is used to treat people with pain and discomfort by replacing anti-inflammatory medications that are non-steroidal such as your regular ibuprofen which is known to have bad side effects. 

2. Reduces inflammation

Marijuana’s CBD is proven effective to reduce inflammation. Theoretically, this can also help people with conditions that significant to inflammation along with digestive system ailments, and rheumatoid arthritis. CBD works by reducing the inflammation in your body that improves your overall health eventually.

3. Improves mental and neurological disorders

Because of its positive effects on your limbic system, many physicians prescribe marijuana to reduce the neurological and mental health problems that include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, multiple sclerosis, Tourette syndrome, and epilepsy. This is also being used to manage sleeping disorders. The uplifting and relaxing effects of marijuana help people with insomnia and sleeping disorders by improving their sleeping patterns with regular use of it. 

Now that you know what are the benefits of marijuana that are proven over and over again, you might think about the risks that come with it. 

Marijuana has similar effects like opioid that mainly affects our central nervous system. Fortunately, it has little risk compared to other synthetic drugs like opioids, heroin, and cocaine. It is also not addictive contrary to popular belief. 

With that in mind, this is one of the main reasons why marijuana advocates are pushing for its full legalization so that everyone has safe access to it medically and recreationally. Currently, marijuana is being used to help people rehabilitating from opioid addiction by replacing the substance with marijuana. 

However, there are still potential health risks that marijuana has and needs to be considered seriously, and this is the main reason why its legalization is still being stalled. 

The risks involved in marijuana use must be measured equally. To help you out, here is our comprehensive list of side effects that you have to be aware of before using marijuana. 

Other Effects of Using Marijuana

1. Hallucination

Marijuana causes hallucinogenic effects especially if a person consumes more than his or her body normally can accept. If you over-consume marijuana, you will suffer from reduced motor skills and your perception of reality will be altered badly. Because of these side effects, particular activities are posed to be hazardous if you use marijuana such as driving, operating a machine, and outdoor activities like swimming and hiking. So, do not use marijuana if you are not at the very comfort of your home or if you are using it alone. Make sure you have companions with you when using it. 

2. Stoned effects

Marijuana has depressant-like side effects that can cause you to become intoxicated likened to alcohol intoxication. Most of the time, you will feel drunk and drowsy which is why people with sleeping disorders use this to help them get enough sleep at night. However, you will likely lose focus and coordination that is why it is highly advised to use this at night before you hit the sack. Also, marijuana can cause munchies or sudden craving for food, so if you’re having a strict diet, you better stay away from marijuana in the meantime. 

3. Stimulant-like effects

There are particular strains; Sativa to be specific has stimulating effects on your body that can improve your overall mood, emotion, and motivation. However, this can cause you to become hyperactive due to increased heart rate as well as increased blood pressure that abnormally rise for some time. If you’re not a fan of becoming jittery, stay away from Sativa strains since this is highly used by people who are slacking off or demotivated. 

4. Bloodshot eyes

People who frequently use marijuana have bloodshot eyes for some time. This is because their blood is diluted due to the lowered blood pressure in your body. However, this is normal and completely harmless; however, this created a negative stigma on people who do not understand marijuana. 

Final Thoughts

Marijuana is considered to be one of the hottest topics in our society today for many reasons and many different perspectives. It is currently being researched today to further validate its medicinal values. Even though it created a divisive debate, many are very hopeful, especially those that are seeking the best alternative medicine that both sides will come to terms with and agree on once and for all. 

In the meantime, we are very optimistic that our post “Is Marijuana Safe: Reliable Facts and Information” provided you some useful information.