LED Trinity 3.0 Review

Every marijuana grower considering to invest time and money in indoor growing installations inevitably has some hard time.

But that’s fine, bud-buddies. Many of us have been there before.

Fortunately, living in the era of open Internet communications, we can exchange experience and help each other.

I was more than pleased with the opportunity to collect and create the LED Trinity 3.0 review.

I can’t (and won’t!) hide my admirations for this precisely designed, extra classy indoor marijuana growing beast.

Yes, the Led Trinity 3.0 is definitely growing the green medication in beast mode but it is also the most beautiful beast you will see.

Led Trinity 3.0 Review: All You Need to Know Before you Start to Grow

I have provided the descriptions for multiple marijuana grow cabinets. I am always recklessly searching for cons, disadvantages and all the little details which companies try to sneak away from us while advertising their products.

But with LEd trinity 3.0, it would be paranoid to point out to something wrong.

This hydro marijuana growing setup is born to make cannabis cultivation easy and successful.

There are separate chambers for nurturing clones; with separate lights to support the needs of marijuana plants during vegetation and during flowering.

I like the fluorescent bulbs for cannabis in vegetation because this is a cult-classic, tried and tested 6500k pure light food for baby cannabeauties.

When you first notice the elegant design of the closet itself, you already know you are dealing with a high-class product.

There is no trace of marijuana growing in the appearance of this cabinet.

The manufacturers have put into account every single detail. Like every single one, no exceptions.

Everything is set up and available for us to start growing.

The assembling and maintenance instructions are especially clear to understand and apply, and they also come with video lessons.

The hygrometer which installed to help you monitor the humidity levels when needed is at the back of the growing cabinet so that it doesn’t drive unwanted attention (that’s what I meant when talking about an eye to the detail!).

The ventilation setup is unique with a full-4-angle air circulation.

Fighting with mold has ruined a few of my marijuana crops, so I appreciate the intricate ventilation system very, very much.

Even the key which you can use to lock the growing cabinet is precisely designed not to leave a trace.

The locker is smartly situated on the seeming handlebars of the grow box.

The average electricity bills with utilizing Led Trinity 3.0 might seem high for hobby marijuana growers, who are okay with having just a few plants.

But if you have ever tried hydroponics, then you know what this growing game is all about: those juicy, juicy, extra THC-covered hydro buds.

One-of-a-kind intense flavor and quicker growth cycle with hydro setups make marijuana growing a bliss.

If you are growing marijuana all-year-round, then you will absolutely realize why LED Trinity 3.0 is called by some experts “the mother of stealthy cannabis cultivation of the future”.

It truly resembles a time machine of some kind. Oh, yeah, I remember what kind if a time machine it is; the kind which makes you remember how good weed tasted before you were left at the mercy of your street dealer.

Or at the dispensary door, ready to spend all your hard-earned money on expensive marijuana.

So honestly, I don’t believe there is a marijuana aficionado out there who wouldn’t want to have the Led Trinity 3.0  beauty at his very own home and disposal.

Many new growing cabinets will continue to appear on the stage of cannabis growing.

And help us, marijuana growers to enjoy stealthy crops without exposing privacy, and without making some quirky home grow box installations, or opt for semi-automated stealth cabinets.

Led Trinity 3.0 goes above and beyond anything on the market.

It is sure satisfying to see how much heart and mind the manufacturers have put into the system.

It’s like somebody handing you a well-working amazing marijuana production machine, and shouting: “All yours, pal! “


Just clean your reservoir every 1-2 weeks; adjust pH levels and nutrients for the hydro system (super simple, routine process, which takes about 15-30 minutes spent daily).

No pets attack, no pests attack, no temperature issues, no humidity level issues.

As for the dimensions, the 72”high 74“ deep 72“ wide size is just the right fit for a successful growth while maximizing the capacity of your indoor space.

There is no marijuana smell present, although it would be a wise move to place this automated hydro grow cabinet in a room with a nearby window.

After all, when you need to open the cabinet’s doors, some cannabis smell cannot be possibly 100% hidden.

As long as you don’t place your Led Trinity3.0 at the center of the living room, you will be just fine. J

If you have any worries about the noise, LEd Trinity 3.0 does not come with any issues of such kind.

The automated hydro system for promoting quick growth and bigger yields is easily maintainable even for beginners.

After all, that’s the miracle of automatization.

What I personally loved so much is that there is just one single plugin to make the entire system if Led Trinity 3.0 work.

This is of tremendous benefit, which is what I learned the hard way by investing in outdated grow boxes with multiple plugins. Quite messy!

The Final Verdict

Ultimately, I am sure every marijuana grower will simply adore working with Led Trinity 3.0.

I truly hope this Led Trinity 3.0 review has helped to make your choice easier. Always listen to your heart when making an investment in equipment of any kind; but also do take action because while you are still wondering, others are making things happen.

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