How to Grow Weed: Identifying Female and Male Weed Plants

Marijuana sexing is the process of determining the sex of the weed plants. In this process, the male and female marijuana plants are already distinguished. Male cannabis plants are known for their low THC content and potency. The importance of identifying them as early as possible is very crucial for growers who do not intend […]

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Marijuana Sexing

Here is what you need to do about Sexing Marijuana. I provide you with the different techniques. If you want to get a complete guide, buy this growing marijuana ebook. Marijuana Sexing Using a Black Paper Bag Sexing marijuana using a black paper bag is suitable for growers who do not have adequate space for […]

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Growing Marijuana from Clones

Growing weed indoors offers a lot of advantages in terms of productivity and safety from harsh environmental factors. Growing can either be started from seeds or from clones. The process of taking cuttings from a favored marijuana plant is also called as cloning. It is a popular way of propagating weed plants from a single […]

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