PC Grow Box from Dealzer Review

PC Grow Box from Dealzer Review

PC Grow Boxes are still the best when it comes to indoor stealth marijuana growing. PC Grow Box from Dealzer is one of the best grow boxes today. It is the best fit used in hiding some things in plain sight or right under your nose. These PC grow boxes are compact and self-contained units. So, whoever visits you in your house, will not notice anything unusual with your PC tower that might just right around a corner fanning by itself.

Because this PC grow boxes just looks an ordinary PC tower, similar to any other PC towers of the millions of PC towers in used in most households and offices all over the globe.  Many growers would even add a false monitor just to complete the office look.

What are PC Grow Boxes

PC grow boxes are built out of the shells or cases of PC tower boxes, but if you will look inside, instead of seeing hard drives or motherboards, you would see insulator, additional fan or exhaust system and even lighting everything to be ready to conceal a marijuana indoor growing box.

Dealzer has a large variety of grow boxes which is available for hydroponic gardening too. If you just want small and compact grow boxes or bigger custom made grow box setups, Dealzer can provide them, whatever any grower wants according to their gardening needs. With Dealzer you can get stealth grow boxes that can fit in some furnishings of a room that comes along with odor-blocking technology and so much more. These modern PC grow boxes aids in sanitary, it is safe and an efficient way of cultivation for many different kinds of valuable crops.

PC Grow Box from Dealzer

The first type of PC Grow Box from Dealzer is mostly preferred by growers and it is still the best PC grow box sold in the market. This PC grow box has a perfectly designed system which best functions in limited areas or spaces, filled with lights, with proper air circulation, odor control as well as a hydroponic system that is self-contained. With all these in place, there is still enough room for two cannabis plants to grow and later to harvest.

Dealzer’s PC Grow Box is super stealthy, has odor and light proof. Easy to use and comes with full instructions and also features a turnkey hydroponics system. It also has a 3-year warranty and comes with a lifetime technical support if you buy it from Dealzer.

About the Dealzer PC Grow Box

This PC grow box has enough room for two marijuana plants and it is highly suggested for you to have best results to start with compact plants or auto-flowering types.The dimensions of the PC grow box is as follows: 8.1” X 20.6” X 18.6”. It has a single cable, just like a regular PC tower and has locks for extra security and Odor Control.

Dealzer makes use of the most modern odor control system called ONA block, keeping the exhaust totally odor free. It also features two AcoustiFan  whispers quiet PC fans for a silent and more effective air exchange.

Lights in the Dealzer PC Grow Box

This PC grow box sports three full-spectrum of 14W CFL light and the interior of the box is lined with reflective panels to maximize efficiency. It is also equipped with heavy duty timers so you don’t have to turn lights on and off manually.

Hydroponics System

This PC grow box uses a Deep-Water Culture (DWC) system that includes the following.
1. It has a 1 ½ gallon reservoir.
2. It comes with Durable Sunleaves DuraPump 3W air pump used for oxygenation.
3. It has two 3” net pots.

Warranty and Customer or Technical Support

Dealzer offers two special services to give you confidence.

  1. You will get a comprehensive 3 Year Warranty.
    2. A Lifetime Technical Support. The customer service they provide is unmatched in the industry. If you are not happy with your purchase so are they and their customer service will not stop until they have fully resolved your problem.

Features of Dealzer PC Grow Box

  1. It has an internal Infrared Blocking Technology which is built-in, reflecting light to areas where the marijuana plants need it the most. The film also acts as a superior insulator of your grow box.
    2. It sports a very powerful lighting called “Next Generation Quasar LED”. It offers a full spectrum lighting ideal for the vegetative to flowering stages (between 420 nm and 60 nm during the vegetative and between 630 nm and 660 nm on the flowering stage). There is no heating issues due the presence of LED lighting and fans.
    3. It has an exhaust and intake system that is protected by carbon. It also includes an outlet fan (80mm), providing utmost protection from pests and aids in a very fast air circulation.
    4. It has an air pump used in generating a lot of oxygenated water plus an air hose as well as an air stone to aerate and circulate oxygenated water.

Additional Features to Check

  1. Check if they are Odor Proof.
    2. They should have Carbon Filters.
    3. Presence of Gel Systems.
    4. Have Light Tight

Benefits of Using Dealzer PC Grow Box

1. PC grow boxes should use interior light baffles in order to avoid light from escaping via the fan. There should be no hint of a light coming from the inside to give you away from the prying eyes.
2. Whisper Quiet. AS you can expect, there is a low-level hum from a PC grow box that is about the same level of noise as a normal PC tower.
3. Turnkey Units. These PC grow boxes are ready and good to go.  You just plug it in then add the plants and you are off and running. There is no need to assemble.
4. Automated. These low maintenance systems could run on their own which means you do not have to check on it very often thus reducing the risk of exposure and suspicion from your housemates because you are not expected to open your PC tower every day to check the motherboard right.


We highly recommend PC Grow Box from Dealzer because this is a high-quality product that aims to help cannabis growers obtain higher yield. We give PC Grow Box from Dealzer a five-star rating when it comes to features, durability, and affordability.